Centrala Evreilor

  • Jewish Central Office in Romania
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence



Centrala Evreilor, Jewish institution similar to a Judenrat, was set up in Romania in 1942-02 by Romanian leader Ion Antonescu, in response to German pressure. The Centrala replaced the Union of Jewish Communities, which had long represented the Jews of Romania. The Centrala, run by Nandor Ghingold, was forced to carry out all orders issued by the Romanian and German authorities regarding Jewish affairs. It was charged with carrying out two contradictory tasks: helping the German authorities organize the deportation of Jews to extermination camps in Poland; and serving the Romanian authorities, who wanted to use the council to steal money and property from the Jews and provide forced labor. The Centrala was dissolved in 1944-12 after Romania's liberation, and its leaders, including Ghingold, were given long prison sentences.


  • Founded in Romania.


  • Yad Vashem, www.yadvashem.org