Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Státní okresní archiv Liberec
  1. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Liberec

    The fonds includes judicial files - files of the company register with prior documents since the second half of the 19th century, the records of termination of companies after 1945, and materials concerning forced auctions and forced administration. The criminal matters include accusations of communist thinking, Jewish origin, and contact with prisoners of war, illegal border crossing, smuggling, speculation with food and sabotage. A very good registry finding aid makes it possible to identify the following criminal files (particulars) concerning the Jewish history: inv. No. 144, box 43: Ho...

  2. Landrat (District Councillor) of Frýdlant

    The fonds includes a fraction of the preserved material of the Landrat (District Councillor) Frýdlant, in particular police matters, registry agenda and allocation of apartments to the persons with bombed out dwellings. Jews are mentioned in the file 81, box 6: Glück Fritz Israel Dr., Jewish prosecutor, property, 1942-1945. It is also appropriate to focus on the files labeled Kult that predominantly include religious issues.