Archival Descriptions

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  1. Otto Schick collection

    The collection consists of a luggage tag, documents, and photographs relating to the experiences of Otto Schick and his family in Vienna, Austria, before and during the Holocaust and the experiences of Otto Schick in the United States following his emigration in 1940.

  2. Fanny and Leo Englard collection

    The collection consists of a metal shard, military patches, and a wallet, correspondence, documents, and photographs relating to the experiences of Fanny Dominitz in Germany and several concentration camps during the Holocaust and of Leo Englard in Palestine and the Jewish Brigade Group during World War II.

  3. Gabryela Bromberg collection

  4. Shmuel Rozin collection

    Consists of two documents, described as follows: .1 Certificate: issued in Lithuania as proof of membership in Partisan movement against Nazi occupation; handwritten in black ink, black ink inscription on left side with circular black ink stamp, black ink stamp with handwritten entries in upper left, two blue ink spots at top left and top right; circa July 1944; in Russian and Lithuanian

  5. Israel Stein collection

    Three Notebooks written in hiding by Meir Marek Stein (donor's father) between September 1943 and the liberation on July 22, 1944; in the diary Meir Stein described his experiences in the Warsaw ghetto and in Bialystok, in German; Five Notebooks: diary written by Paula Znamirowska Stein (donor's mother) while in hiding in Bialystok. Mrs. Stein described Experiences from June 1941 until 1943 - in Vilna and later in Bialystok, in Polish; Three Photographs depicting members of Bialystok Jewish Committee and Jewish orphans survivors of Holocaust in 1944; Two Photographs: portraits of Meir and I...

  6. Gloria Hartenbaum collection

  7. Eva Kovacs collection

  8. Letter of recommendation for Selma Bendremer

    Consists of a letter of recommendation; written by Maxwell M. Luchs on behalf of Selma Bendremer (donor) to the Office of Field Relations and Placement,, Teachers College, Columbia University;. The letter describes her work overseas with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC), beginning on 1 October 1945.

  9. Gerald Kaiser collection

  10. Polish Government presentation set collection

    The collection consists a presentation case and two spoons recovered after the war near Belzec killing center in Poland.

  11. Sophie Zajd Berkowitz collection

  12. Esther Loeb collection

  13. Sally Muschel collection

  14. David and Nina Fox collection.

  15. David Fromer collection

  16. Raymond McCormick collection

  17. Anna (Hanka) Fruchtman collection

  18. Katherine Keenum collecton

  19. Photographic print

  20. Photographic print