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Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu
  1. Zarząd Policji w Polanicy Zdroju

    • Amtsbezirk Altheide Bad,Kreis Glatz
    • Police Board in Polanica Zdrój

    The collection contains i.a. orders issued by the authorities regarding foreigners and Jews, issue of passports to Jews, orders, and lists of Jews issued with Kennkarten, correspondence in various matters affecting and concerning Jews;

  2. Akta miasta Wrocławia

    • Files of the city of Wrocław

    The collection contains i.a. mayoral speeches, propaganda materials, matters connected with Jewish schools and the seizure of museum holdings from the foundation administrating the home of Prof. Niesser, a professor of medicine (“Haus Niesser Verwaltung”), and the matters of the creation of a Jewish museum in the years 1928-1935 (“Jüdisches Museum”), the removal of the commemorative plaque from the house of Ferdinand Lassalle, and others;

  3. Rejencja Wrocławska

    • Regierung Breslau
    • Wrocław Regional Administration,

    The collection contains i.a. – prewar issues, such as mixed marriages; Jewish assets (regulations, correspondence, lists of assets earmarked for “Aryanization”, lists of artisan workshops, and lists of land and plots belonging to Jews); regulations on arresting Jews of Polish descent; the activities and liquidation of Jewish organizations; correspondence of Wrocław Jewish community organizations on many different matters; regulations regarding changing Jewish names; applications for “award of German blood” to children from mixed marriages; official decisions on “degree of Jewish descent”; a...