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  1. Kaiser Wilhelm Institute lantern slide collection

    The collection of lantern slides and boxes is from the holdings of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. This Institute for anthropology and genetics was one of many centers used for the study of eugenics during the Third Reich. Aside from ordering sterilization and other eugenic "procedures," medical experiments originating in euthenasia killing centers and concentration camps were also evaluated at the Institute. Such names as Von Verschuer, Fischer, and Mengele are associated with the Institute. The slides contained in the boxes were probably used for teaching purposes. The slid...

  2. Das Ziel

  3. Rabbi Nathan Landman collection

  4. Minna Aspler collection

  5. Pnina Blum Photograph collection

  6. Leland Brennan collection

  7. Jack Dygola collection

  8. Rysia Edelman collection

  9. Gita Feuerwerger Photographs.

  10. Hanoch Gerstel papers

  11. Marion Schultz collection

  12. Max Pyster collection

  13. Charles Abramson collection

  14. Ora Nahir collection

  15. Eugene Berger collection

  16. Lola Byron collection

  17. Margaret Lowe collection

  18. Lucy Cess collection

  19. John Crowe collection