Language of Description: English
  1. Битолски Евреи 1918-1962

    • Jews from Bitola 1918-1962 /Bitolski Evrei 1918-1962
    • Државен архив на Република Македонија - Одделение Битола
    • 750 Битолски Евреи 1918-1962
    • English
    • 1918-1962
    • Books 6, boxes 3, there is an analitical inventory consisted of 980 archival units, 38.355 sheets, including 144 photographs, the analytical inventory has 186 printed pages with a description of each archival unit and photo. книги 6, кутии 3, за фондот е изготвен аналитичен инвентар и содржи 980 архивски единици (предмети), 38.355 листови во кои се влезени и 414 фотографии, научно информативното средство (аналитички инвентар) има 186 искуцани страни, опис на секој предмет и фотографија

    Original documents, hand written, typed, typed analytical inventory Box 1 = 400 archival units (name and surname, date of birth, adress of living, profession) Box 2 = 363 archival units Box 3 = 192 archival units Lists of Jews from Bitola and Stip, in Monopol, deported, released from the monopol, escaped Photographs

  2. Comunità Ebraica di Roma

    • Jewish Community of Rome
    • Comunità Israelitica di Roma

    It contains records created by the administration of the Jewish Community of Rome.

  3. Злодеяния немцев в Виннице

    • The crimes of Germans in Vinnitsa

    Ukraine. Vinnitza, April 29, 1944. Psychiatric hospital. Disinterment of the corpses of murdered patients.

  4. Repubblica Sociale Italiana

    • Italian Social Republic

    The fonds contains records created by the Ministry of Military Forces, the Army General Staff, the Supreme Military Court of Justice of the Italian Social Republic. Several files concern internment camps in Italy and in Germany, repatriation of war prisoners, dead prisoners.

  5. Archivio della Commissione d'inchiesta per i criminali di guerra italiani secondo alcuni stati esteri

    • Archives of the Inquiry Commission on Italian War Criminals according to Foreign Countries

    A certificate delivered by the head of the Jewish community of Nice to the director of the Italian civil police during the Italian occupation can be found inside the file n.118, sub-file n.1.

  6. Archivi delle Rappresentanze Diplomatiche e Consolari

    • Archives of the Diplomatic and Consular Representations

    L'Archivio conserva i fondi prodotti da ambasciate, consolati e rappresentanze diplomatiche del Regno d'Italia e della Repubblica Italiana.

  7. Commissione Anselmi sui Beni Ebraici

    • Anselmi Commission on Jewish Properties

    The general report, available both in Italian and in English, traces spoliation, confiscation, depredation liquidation and post-war restitution of Jewish citizens' properties. The cooperation by several banks and the Banca d'Italia is described.

  8. Catecumeno

    The Opera Pia del Catecumeno offered help to baptised Jews and Jews converted to Catholicism.

  9. Gabinetto della Prefettura di Venezia

    Contains acts and files produced by the cabinet of the prefetto concerning public security in the province of Venice.

  10. Gabinetto della Questura di Venezia

    • Cabinet of the Venice Police Direction

    Contains personal files about criminals and dangerous elements.

  11. Corte di Appello di Trieste

    • Triest Court of Appeals

    Contains various records concerning the legal discrimination against and expulsion of Jews from various professions in Trieste and the Adriatic coast during the war. It also contains postwar court records concerning the restitution of expropriated Jewish property.

  12. Segreteria di Stato

    • Secretariat of State of the Holy See

    The fonds contains documentation produced by the Secretariat of State and its different departments.

  13. Nachlässe

  14. Papers of Ivan Baryanov

    Contains anonymous letters against the Bulgarian Government Jewish Policy, opinions and speeches regarding discrimination against Jews in Bulgaria. Also includes a letter from the Bulgarian Consulate in Prague regarding instructions about Yugoslavian problems.

  15. Радио „Христо Ботев“

    • Broadcasting station "Hristo Botev"
    • Radio "Hristo Botev"

    Samples of Soviet radio propaganda directed to Bulgaria from the radio station"Hristo Botev" located in the Soviet Union, which raise issues such as the persecution of Jews in Thrace and Macedonia and German crimes in Kiev, Ukraine.

  16. Централна консистория на евреите в България

    • Tzentralna konsistoria na evreite v Bulgaria
    • Central Consistory of the Jews in Bulgaria

    Contains reports, minutes, correspondence, and financial records relating to activities of the Central Consistory of the Standing Committee and the Public Cultural and Educational Organization of Jews in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Includes lists of Jews who left Bulgaria for Israel and lists of Jews living in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  17. Министерство на труда и социалните въпроси

    • Ministerstvo na truda i sotsialnite vŭprosi
    • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

    Contains agreements between the Bulgarian Government and Soviet military representatives regarding passports for Jews and Turks; assistance for Jews after World War II; correspondence with the National Committee of Liberation regarding homelessness and destitution, persecution of Bulgarians by Nazis, and immediate relief after liberation; correspondence with the Central Jewish Consistory regarding assistance with coal; appeals from Jewish organizations for restitution of property and money confiscated under the Defense of the Nation Act; appeals (arranged by geographical place) from politic...

  18. Министерство на външните работи и изповеданията

    • Ministerstvo na vŭnshnite raboti i izpovedaniyata
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religions

    Contains correspondence with Bulgarian legations/consulates abroad in many countries on topics including trade relations, reports to Sofia, Bulgaria, on economic and political conditions, Bulgarian agrarian workers abroad, Bulgarian-German relations; regulations for visas of various types, including transit visas, for non-citizens including Jews. Also includes material regarding the property of Bulgarian Jews; the location of Bulgarian citizens abroad including Jews; requests from relatives of victims of the"Sṭrumah" sinking; and the situation of foreign Jews in Bulgaria.

  19. Министерство на външните работи и изповеданията – Дирекция на вероизповеданията

    • Ministerstvo na vŭnshnite raboti i izpovedaniyata – Direktsiya na veroizpovedaniyata
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religions - Directorate of Religious Affairs
  20. Министерство на вътрешните работи и народното здраве (МВРНЗ) – Дирекция на полицията

    • Ministerstvo na vŭtreshnite raboti i narodnoto zdrave (MVRNZ) – Direktsiya na politsiyata
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Health - Police Directorate

    It contains: - "Bulgarian society against racism and anti-Semitism". A record of "Press and Publishing"; - Correspondence between Police Directorate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion and Passport Bureau at Varna and enclosed lists of Jews traveling to Palestine.