Language of Description: English
  1. Kurt Waldheim Interview

    Relates to allegations of participation in war crimes by Waldheim as a German officer in Yugoslavia and Greece during World War II. Interview conducted by Mary Ann Sieghart for a London television station.

  2. Christine White Collection

    Reports, relating to anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi and other far right-wing organizations in the United States, their involvement in terrorist incidents, support extended by private right-wing groups in the United States to the contra guerilla movement in Nicaragua, and alleged involvement of the contras in criminal activities. Includes reports by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the International Center for Development Policy, and the state of Senator John Kerry.

  3. Gerd D. Wallenstein Papers

    Memoirs, obituaries, maps, drawings, and calligraphy, relating primarily to the Jewish community in China during World War II.

  4. Tomasz Wisniewski Photographs

    Depicts synagogues and scenes of Jewish life, primarily in and around Bialystok, Poland, prior to and during World War II.

  5. Walter Winchell Micellaneous Papers

    Letters, memoranda, notes, pamphlets, newsletters, and other printed matter, relating to the right-wing political figure Gerald L. K. Smith, Smith's leadership of the isolationist America First Party during World War II and of the Christian Nationalist Crusade subsequently, and accusations of libel exchanged between Winchell and Smith.

  6. Dorothy Thompson Misecellaneous Papers

    Correspondence, memoranda, and press releases, relating to fundraising in the United States for the defense of Herschel Grynszpan, Jewish refugee and assassin of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in France in 1938.

  7. Tymon Terlecki: Alle Juden raus!

    Relates to the German destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. Translation of article published in Wiadomosci Polskie (London). This article deals with the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto beginning July 17, l942. Both translations bear the stamp of the U.S. Consulate General, Zurich, March 27, l944.

  8. James F. Tent Papers

    Reports, memoranda, studies, correspondence, minutes, conference proceedings, and interview transcripts, relating to educational policy and denazification in the American occupied zone of Germany after World War II, the establishment of the Freie Universität Berlin, and Nazi persecution of persons of partial Jewish ancestry. Includes photocopies of records of the Education and Cultural Relations Division of the United States Office of Military Government for Germany, 1945-1949, and photocopies of Nazi police files. Used as research material for the books by J. F. Tent, Mission on the Rhine:...

  9. Peter Stangl Memoirs

    Relates to Jewish life in Hungary during World War II and the postwar period, and to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

  10. Herbert Solow Papers

    Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, depositions, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to the communist movement in the United States, the Non-Partisan Defense League, the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials, Soviet espionage in the United States, Whittaker Chambers and the Alger Hiss case, Zionism, the Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, 1945-1946, and post-World War II international business enterprises. Includes some papers of Sylvia Salmi Solow, 1964-1976. Notes: American journalist; editor, Fortune magaz...

  11. George Ephraim Sokolsky Papers

    Writings, radio broadcast transcripts, correspondence, printed matter, phonorecords, and photographs, relating to politics, communism, internal security and anti-communist movements in the United States, and to politics and communism in China and elsewhere. Includes materials relating to the American Jewish League Against Communism.

  12. Ona Simaite Papers

    Correspondence, notes, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to underground aid to the Jewish ghetto inhabitants of Vilnius, Lithuania, during the German occupation, 1941-1944. Most of the correspondence is in Lithuanian and dates from the l956-l970 period. Of greatest use is a 2l page handwritten account (in Lithuanian) on conditions in the ghetto for the l941-44 period.

  13. Abraham Benjamin Shmulevsky Papers

    Correspondence, personal and identification documents, and school records, relating to the Russian community in Shanghai.

  14. Edward J. Sherwood Collection

    Photographs of scenes at the Nuremberg war crime trials of major Nazi war criminals, miscellaneous mimeographed and printed material issued during the trial, organization charts of the Nazi high command, and photographs of major Allied military leaders in Germany in 1945.

  15. Lothar Rothschild Miscellaneous Papers

    Programs, leaflets, clippings, letters, and printed matter, relating to the Jewish community in Germany and Switzerland and to Zionist activities prior to and during World War II.

  16. Steven H. Rosen Collection

    Reports, letters, and clippings, relating to the American Jewish Philanthropic Fund and to the immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.

  17. Herbert Romerstein Collection

    Pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, studies, reports, and synopses of intelligence documents, relating to the Communist International, communism and Communist front organizations in the United States, Soviet espionage and covert operations, and propaganda and psychological warfare, especially during World War II. Includes materials on far-right organizations and antisemitism, including editions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in various languages.

  18. Constantine M. Panunzio Papers

    Writings, letters, clippings, biographies, and booklists, relating to Italian politics, fascism, church and state relations, antisemitism and racism, and Benito Mussolini. Box 2 contains an envelope entitled “Anti-Semitism and Racism” consisting of excerpts in Italian for the period 1933-1938, as well as a set of clippings from Italian newspapers for 1937-1938 on the subject. Box l2 contains a 64 page typescript of an English translation of an article by J. Evola entitled "Three Aspects of the Hebrew Problem," Rome, l936.

  19. Matook Raymond Nissim Papers

    Correspondence, identification documents, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, and video tapes, relating to the Jewish community in Shanghai from the 1920s to the 1940s.