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  1. Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance Committee fonds

    The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, clippings and publications relating to the activities sponsored by the Committee. Fonds also includes a collection of short articles and publications on topics relating to the mandate of the Committee. Fonds is organized into 8 series: minutes, committee activities, subject files, clippings, publications, ephemera, photographs, and sound. Fonds includes records of the committee when it was known as the Warsaw Ghetto Committee.

  2. Police Headquarters Tighina. Questura

    • Poliţia Tighina. Questura
    • Бессарабский областной инспекторат полиции. Квестура полиции города Тигина
    • Bessarabskii oblastnoi inspectorat politsii. Kvestura politsii goroda Tighina

    Reports of police agents about the activities of individuals, including those of Jewish origin, suspected of communist activities; correspondence with the Bessarabian police inspectorate on the search for persons suspected of anti-Romanian activities; сorrespondence with the Chisinau brigade of Siguranta about people illegally crossing the border from the USSR to Romania; personal files of small business owners; files on of issuing permission to open small businesses; small business closure cases; issuance of certificates of trustworthiness, of biographical nature, and other to residents of...

  3. Michael Marrus fonds

    Fonds consists of correspondence, news clippings, reports, reviews, appointment calendars, and other records relating to Michael R. Marrus’s education, academic career, publishing record and university and community service. In particular, records document Prof. Marrus’s prestigious career as a historian of the Holocaust and an expert on the relationships between Christians and Jews (predominantly in France) during World War Two, and also document his involvement in ongoing concerns in the Jewish community, both pertaining to faith and Zionism. In particular, Prof. Marrus’s extensive publis...

  4. Tribunal of Bălţi County

    • Tribunal judeţean Bălţi
    • Бельцкий уездный трибунал
    • Bel'tskiy uyezdnyy tribunal

    Administrative cases (the act of conducting elections to the Romanian Parliament, the register of residents who have been granted permission to carry weapons, correspondence on economic issues); cases of the Prosecutor’s Office (incident registration in the territory of the county); cases of establishing legal facts (cases of establishing acts of birth, cases of divorce, cases of returning illegally appropriated property), criminal cases, cases of registration of trade enterprises, register of cases certified by the tribunal

  5. Directorate of Internal Affairs of Bessarabia

    • Directoratul afacerilor interne ai Basarabiei
    • Директорат внутренних дел Бессарабии
    • Direktorat vnutrennikh del Bessarabii

    Files on the issuing the permit to the resident of Marculesti, Ioffe Mendel, to open a cinema theater. Correspondence with the police prefectures regarding people deported for their anti‐Romanian propaganda. Identity cards of the agents of Siguranta [secret police] from Chisinau. The requests for being accepted to work for Siguranta. Information about publishing houses from Chisinau and their owners. Information about the teachers from Soroca district. Information about the functionaries of prefectures and subprefectures of Bessarabia. The lists of teachers from Soroca girls’ and boys’ tech...

  6. Police Headquarters Cahul

    • Poliția Cahul
    • Полиция города Кагул
    • Politsiya goroda Kagul

    The fond contains documents that reflect the activity of Cahul City Police in between 1933-1944; the lists of Jews in prisons on July 22, 1941; correspondence with the Regional Police Inspectorate in Chisinau regarding the legal status of the Jews; the lists of Jews who emigrated to Palestine and those who converted to Christianity.

  7. World Jewish Congress

    This fonds is incredibly rich in information regarding the relation of the WJC with Belgium and the Belgian Jewish community, the refugee question before the war, the Shoah in Belgium, the immediate postwar reconstruction and relief effort, the restitution issue, Jews in the former Belgian Congo, … The files in “Series A. Central Files” (1919-1976) contain correspondence, minutes, records of conferences, and miscellaneous other materials. In its “Subseries 2. Executive Files” – holding files of several WJC leaders – we note the files “Belgium, Kubowitzki, Aryeh L.” (box A9, folder nr. 17; y...

  8. P.19 Collection of Carl Lutz, Swiss Diplomat and Righteous Among the Nations, 1935-1970

    • ארכיון יד ושם / Yad Vashem Archives
    • 4019608
    • English, Hebrew
    • 1935-1970
    • Paper, 39 files Survey report Letter Research article Personal documents List of names Album Passport Newspaper clippings Photograph Official documentation

    P.19 Collection of Carl Lutz, Swiss Diplomat and Righteous Among the Nations, 1935-1970 Carl Lutz (1895-1975) was the Swiss Vice Consul in Jaffa, Eretz Israel, 1935-1941, and in Budapest, Hungary, 1942-1945. Following the German occupation of Hungary, 1944, he was extremely active in rescuing Jews with United States, British, Romanian, El Salvadorian and other citizenships, as well as on behalf of those with certificates to make aliya to Eretz Israel. - The collection was submitted to Yad Vashem in 1981, through the generosity of Agnes Hirschi, Lutz's adopted daughter; - The collection is c...

  9. The Zorach Warhaftig Collection: Documentation of rescue and aid extended to refugees who escaped from Poland and Lithuania to Japan, 1939-1990

    The Zorach Warhaftig Archive includes much documentation regarding the condition of the Jews of Poland and Lithuania at the outbreak of World War II, and especially documentation related to aid to refugees through the obtaining of visas to Japan, 1939-1941. The documentation includes letters, telegrams, reports and lists of those refugees and survivors who sought visas. The Record Group also includes documents, letters and other documentation regarding Warhaftig's activities in assisting the refugees and survivors after the Holocaust and his diverse activity in commemorating the Holocaust.

  10. O.71- Koniuchowsky Collection: Testimonies Regarding the Holocaust of Lithuanian Jewry, 1945-1981

    O.71- Koniuchowsky Collection: Testimonies Regarding the Holocaust of Lithuanian Jewry, 1945-1981 Leyb Koniuchowsky was born in Lithuania on 18 November 1910. An engineer by profession, he resided in Kaunas (Kovno). During the German occupation he lived in the Kaunas Ghetto and worked there until his escape. He found shelter in a bunker at a farmer's home where he remained until the liberation of Lithuania by the Red Army in 1944. From 1944-46, he wandered through the war battered towns of Lithuania, collecting testimonies from the few Jews that survived. The testimonies focus on the exterm...

  11. The Mecker Collection: Letters and newspaper clippings from the"Forverts"newspaper published in New York regarding the search for relatives, 1940-1951

    Included in the documentation in the Collection: Letters from readers from all over the world received by Mecker between 1940 and 1951; requests for help in locating relatives, emigration or financial aid from Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors; articles written by Holocaust survivors who had emigrated to the United States during the 1940's, describing their integration in their new country; newspaper clippings containing testimonies regarding the destruction of Jewish communities in Europe that were published during and after the war, including advertisements for missing relatives and...

  12. Documentation of the People's Court in Bulgaria, 1944-1945

    The Seventh Panel of the People's Court dealt with accusations against those who had been responsible for the anti-Jewish policy during the war and its implementation. Among those tried were Commissariat for Jewish Questions (KEV) officials, guards, the staff in the forced labor camps and others. There are 12 files in the Record Group, each one of which contains documentation regarding one day's court sitting. The files were adjudicated between 16 March 1945 (Court Sitting Number 9) and 31 March 1945 (Court Sitting Number 20).

  13. R.3 - Documentation of the Nazi Party (National Socialist Party - NSDAP) in Eretz Israel, 1928-1939

    R.3 - Documentation of the Nazi Party (National Socialist Party - NSDAP) in Eretz Israel, 1928-1939 The first two chapters of the Nazi Party in Eretz Israel were established in Sharona and Jaffa in March 1933. Karl Ruf from Haifa set the chapters up, but during most of the time that the Nazi Party was active Cornelius Schwarz, from the Templar settlement, served as head of the party. In the summer of 1933 the party numbered 42 members, and in 1934, their numbers reached 239 (the largest chapter was in Jerusalem with 67 members). That same year, there were already active Nazi youth organizat...

  14. O.89 - Collection of Personal Files of Jewish Underground Fighters in France

    O.89 - Collection of Personal Files of Jewish Underground Fighters in France Documentation regarding Jewish underground heroes who died in France or were deported from France to extermination camps collected by the Association of French Resistance Veterans (ARJF). Copies of the original material have been transferred to the Museum. The original documentation is located in the Yad Vashem Archives; the photographs have been transferred to the Yad vashem Photo Archives. The original numbering of the files has been preserved despite the fact that many files are empty.

  15. Documentation of the Mouvement National Hebreu (MNH- Hebrew National Movement) in France , 1941-1942

    The documantation is comprised of linguistic, historical and geographical research representing the MNH platform and ideology. Also in the collection:Statement regarding the founding of the"Masada"movement in the Compiegne camp under the leadership of Yitzchak Kadmi-Cohen, 28 December 1941.

  16. O.12 - Perlman Collection: Testimonies of refugees from Poland who arrived in Eretz Israel, 1942-1943

    O.12- Perlman Collection: Testimonies of refugees from Poland who arrived in Eretz Israel, 1942-1943 The Perlman Collection consists of 64 testimonies gathered by Jewish Agency representatives during the years 1942-1943, mainly from Jews who arrived to Eretz Israel during World War II. Most of the testimonies were given by Jews who held Mandatory Palestine citizenship, were married to Mandatory Palestine citizens or were related to them. These Jews were included in exchange agreements of foreign citizens for German citizens, and they succeeded in reaching Eretz Israel. Another group of witn...

  17. The Benjamin Sagalowitz Archive, head of the press agency of the Union of Jewish Communities in Switzerland, 1929-1969

    In the Record Groupe: - Drafts and galley proofs of Benjamin Sagalowitz's book,"The Way to Majdanek"; - Documentation regarding the Jewish communities in Switzerland, 1929-1956;- Documentation regarding JUNA, 1935-1964; - Documentation regarding the attitude of the Swiss authorities towards the Jewish refugees, 1933-1963;- Documentation regarding attempts to rescue Jews, 1944-1945; - Documentation regarding the World Jewish Congress (WJC), 1959-1962;- Newspaper clippings regarding trials of Nazi criminals; - Personal details regarding Nazi criminals: Yad Vashem Archives P13/178 and P13/145.

  18. Archives of A. Silberschein, Geneva (Relico).

    In this fonds, we firstly note the correspondence of Silberschein with the Fédération des Juifs polonais en Belgique, concerning relief for Shoah survivors and financial support (file nr. 8; years 1946-1949). In nr. 110 we find several reports (i.a. a detailed activity report of the Comité de Défense des Juifs, 1942-1943) and correspondence concerning the situation of the Jews in Belgium, the deportations, difficulties in emigrating to the United States, the condition of intellectual refugees in Belgium, necessary relief, … for the period 1940-1944. File 89 (1945-1947) contains corresponden...

  19. P.41 - Collection of Oskar Schindler, Righteous Among the Nations, personal documentation, mostly from after 1945

    P.41 -Collection of Oskar Schindler, Righteous Among the Nations, personal documentation, mostly from after 1945 In the collection: personal documents, correspondence with the German authorities after the war; lists of Jews whom Schindler saved; newspaper clippings; certificates of appreciation and more. The collection also contains correspondence between Oskar Schindler and the Jews he saved; the correspondence reflects the efforts made by the survivors on his behalf after the war.

  20. O.70 - Josef Rosensaft Bergen-Belsen POW Camp Archive

    O.70 - Josef Rosensaft Bergen-Berlsen DP Camp Archives Bergen-Belsen was liberated by the British Army, 15 April 1945. There were approximately 58,000 survivors at the time of the liberation, of whom approximately 28,000 died from disease and starvation during the first weeks after the liberation. A Displaced Persons (DP) camp was established in Bergen-Belsen and the survivors immediately began to organize themselves. They set up the Central Jewish Committee (CJC) for the camp, headed by Josef Rosensaft. The CJC and its various departments took responsibility for the physical and spiritual ...