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  1. Bulgarian Peoples Bank, Giumiurdzhine

    Contains questionnaires with declarations and information regarding Jewish valuables.

  2. Bulgarian Peoples Bank, Dedeagaeh

    Contains signatures of supervisors of the Commissariat of Jewish Affairs, correspondence relating to Jewish property, and Jewish declarations of currency and assets held.

  3. Department of Social Services

    The collection contains correspondence, decrees, and memoranda relating to the location of German troops, tax, financial, and property regulations, replacement of Jewish workers in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria, and memoranda regarding decorations, bonuses for the killing of partisans, and financial compensation for Allied bombardment.

  4. Министерство на труда и социалните въпроси

    • Ministerstvo na truda i sotsialnite vŭprosi
    • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

    Contains agreements between the Bulgarian Government and Soviet military representatives regarding passports for Jews and Turks; assistance for Jews after World War II; correspondence with the National Committee of Liberation regarding homelessness and destitution, persecution of Bulgarians by Nazis, and immediate relief after liberation; correspondence with the Central Jewish Consistory regarding assistance with coal; appeals from Jewish organizations for restitution of property and money confiscated under the Defense of the Nation Act; appeals (arranged by geographical place) from politic...

  5. Ministry of Education

    Contains a confidential letter regarding a search for Jews and an investigation about teachers who were Communist Party members.

  6. Chamber of Commerce

    Contains selected records from Fond 212, including draft correspondence regarding Jewish savings.

  7. Justice Department

    Contains correspondence related to property in Yugoslavian and Greek territories; testimonies from Bulgarian soldiers taking part in the execution of Thomas Markham, an American pilot, as well as English Major Thompson and others; correspondence with the Central Committee of National Liberation (Jewish Section) regarding Jews in jail; report regarding the property of Jews who emigrated to Palestine and a letter from the Association of Bulgarian Jews in Tel Aviv regarding this question; and other records related to the confiscation of properties during and after World War II.

  8. Association of Bulgarian Dentists

    Contains correspondence and list of members of the Association of Bulgarian Dentists. Includes correspondence relating to the confiscation of telephones from Jewish offices and prohibition of dental practices by Jews.

  9. Bulgarian Peoples Bank, Ksanti

    Contains dossiers of Jewish declarations of currency and assets held.

  10. Уголовные дела нереабилитированных лиц

    дело на сотрудников и агентуру разведывательных и контрразведывательных органов нацистской Германии; дела на лиц, работавших в немецких оккупационных административных органах; дела на лиц, проходивших службу в немецких охранительных органах (жандармерия, полиция, комендатура и другие); дела на лиц, проходивших службу в армейских частях нацистской Германии и ее союзников, в национальных легионах; дела на лиц, осужденных за измену Родины, шпионаж, диверсии, вредительство, саботаж, террористические акты, преступления против человечества и человечности, карательные акции в отношении мирного нас...

  11. State Administration of Statistics

    Contains census of 1934 and other statistical data related to the occupation, social situation, age, nationality, religion, language and literacy of Bulgarians. Includes a special census by population for new territories.

  12. Архівна колекція документів з історії краю (Вінницька область)

    • Archival collection on the history of Vinnitsa region

    In some cases, there are documents on the persecution and mass destruction of the Jewish population during the German-Romanian occupation, photocopies of documents on the preparations for resettlement of Jews into ghettos, announcements of the German and Romanian occupation authorities on taxes and indemnities imposed on the Jewish population of cities of Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Haysyn, Mogiliv-Podilsky, a photo of the exhumation of the killed Jewish population of Khmilnyk [inventory 1, file 141, pp. 1, 12, 19, 32]. Copies of chronological informations on the Nazi occupation of locations of V...

  13. 427.Централен Комитет на КПМ/СКМ - Скопје (1945-1990) сигнатура 1.427

    • 427.Central Committee of the Communist Party of Macedonia/ League of Communists of Macedonia-Skopje (1945-1990)/Centralen Komitet na KPM/SKM-Skopje, Signature 1.427
    • Државен Архив на Република Македонија
    • Fund 427
    • English
    • 1945-1990
    • 100 books, 2.367 boxes, analytical inventory with 31.460 archival units, 438.181 paper sheets, scientific-information part typed on 5.734 pages, 1.780 boxes with dossiers from the members of the Communist party and 49.610 paper sheets. 100 книги, 2.367 кутии, аналитичен инвентар со 31.460 архивски единици, листови 438.181, научно информативно средство искуцано на 5.734 страни. Надвор од ова има 1.780 кутии со партиски досиеа од цела Македонија и 49.610 картотечни листови.
    1. Jews holders of the 1941 Partisan Commemorative Ribbon , participants in the National Liberation War: Beno Ruso, Moritz Shami, Rosa Kamhi, Berto Ruso, Viktor Meshulam, Nisim Alba, Zhamila Kolonomos, Haim Sadikario, Isak Sion, Haim Levi, Gjorgi Blaer, and Aleksandar Fritshand Евреи носители на Партизанска споменица 1941, учесници во НОБ:Бено Русо, Мориц Шами, Роза Камхи, Берто Русо, Виктор Мешулам, Нисим Алба, Жамила Колономос, Хаим Садикарио, Исак Сион, Хаим Леви, Ѓорѓи Блаер и Александар Фрицкан. 2.Register all Jewish participants of NOAVM: from Skopje – Adolf Piskar, Aron Bahar, Gjorgi...
  14. Битолски Евреи 1918-1962

    • Jews from Bitola 1918-1962 /Bitolski Evrei 1918-1962
    • Државен архив на Република Македонија - Одделение Битола
    • 750 Битолски Евреи 1918-1962
    • English
    • 1918-1962
    • Books 6, boxes 3, there is an analitical inventory consisted of 980 archival units, 38.355 sheets, including 144 photographs, the analytical inventory has 186 printed pages with a description of each archival unit and photo. книги 6, кутии 3, за фондот е изготвен аналитичен инвентар и содржи 980 архивски единици (предмети), 38.355 листови во кои се влезени и 414 фотографии, научно информативното средство (аналитички инвентар) има 186 искуцани страни, опис на секој предмет и фотографија

    Original documents, hand written, typed, typed analytical inventory Box 1 — 400 archival units (Jews from Bitola: name and surname, date of birth, address of living, profession) Box 2 —363 archival units (Jews from Bitola: name and surname, date of birth, address of living, profession) Box 3 — 192 archival units (Jews from Bitola: name and surname, date of birth, address of living, profession) Кутија 1 — 400 архивски единици (Евреи од Битола: име и презиме, дата на раѓање, адреса на живеење, професија) Кутија 2 — 363 архивски единици (име и презиме, дата на раѓање, адреса на живеење, профес...

  15. Фонд 5. Делегат на Комесарството за еврејски прашања и скопска еврејска општина – Скопје (1915-1947)

    • Fund 5. Delegate of the Commissariat for Jewish Questions and the Skopje Jewish Community - Skopje (1915-1947) / Fond 5. Delegat na Komesarstvoto za evrejski prasanja i skopskata evrejska opstina (1915-1947)

    • data for the formation of the Red Cross Society in Skopje (1915) • Rules for organization and work of the Skopje Jewish Club founded in 1920 (1923) • Diplomas (charters) in Jewish language • Ordinances for organization of the Jewish community in Skopje (1936) • Directions for evaluation of the real estate belonging to the persons of Jewish origin and taxation of property (1941) • Commentary on the Law for Protection of the Nation (Sofia, 1941) • Law on one-time taxation on the property belonging to persons of Jewish origin (1941) • List of persons of Jewish origin who own deposits and sha...

  16. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 252. Collection of reference materials on the German intelligence agencies acting against the USSR during the Second World War. 1952 Vol. 1-2-3-4-1. File 306. List of Romanians who committed crimes against the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 1945 Vol. 1-7. File 319. List of persons working in Romanian police and intelligence agencies. 1942. Tom 1-5. File 322. List of employees of the German gendarmerie and the police and persons who were persecuted by these ...

  17. Оперативно-статистична звітність КГБ УРСР

    • Operational and statistic reporting by KGB UkrSSR

    • File 48. Information on intelligent and investigative work for 1941 (appendix-chart). • File 49. Information about secret-service and operational work for 1942. • File 50. Information on operational and investigative work for the first half of 1943. • File 51. Information on operational and investigative work for 1943. • File 53. Information on the results of operational and investigative work for 1944 (reference). • File 57. Information on the results of operative and investigative work for 1945 (reference and review of activities). • File 58. Information on operational and investigative...

  18. Колекція кінофотодокументів КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of film- and photodocuments of KGB UkrSSR

    Microfilmed documents of the Reich Ministry for the Eastern Occupied Territories and its head A. Rosenberg: • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Ukraine; • reports on the actions of partisan detachments and groups and underground in Ukraine; • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Belorussia and the Baltic States; • Reports on socio-political and economic situation in the occupied territories of the USSR; • Reports on the reaction of the population of the occupied territories to events of the German administration, at the ...

  19. Слідча частина МГБ і Слідчий відділ КГБ УРСР

    • Investigative section of MGB and Investigative department of KGB UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: • Documents on the identification of witnesses for the Nuremberg International Trial against the Nazi war criminals (1945); • documents on the preparation and conduct of an public trial in Kiev over Nazi war criminals (1946); • documents on the activities of the OUN and the UPA in the western regions of Ukraine (informations on the arrested persons, minutes of interrogations, memorandums on the conduct of trials) (1946-1949); • Correspondence of state security bodies with party an...

  20. Секретаріат ГПУ–КГБ УРСР

    • Секретариат ГПУ-КГБ УССР
    • UkrSSR GPU-KGB Secretariat

    The documents were mainly generated within four periods: 1930-1941; 1941-1945; 1945-1954; 1964-1991 The documents of the period of the Second World War (1941-1945) contain: • resolutions and orders of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the USSR on work issues; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR on work issues; • correspondence by NKVD of the UkrSSR with organizations, authorities and administration of the UkrSSR on the activities of the state security agencies; • special reports sent by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR a...