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  1. Holocaust Collection

    • Sydney Jewish Museum
    • Holocaust_collection
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • 6,000 volumes, audio and videotapes 2,500 Holocaust survivors testimonies

    The Sydney Jewish Museum’s Resource Centre has more than 6,000 volumes, audio and videotapes, journals and personal testimonies including the Shoah Testimonies. As well as providing background material on the themes of the permanent exhibitions, the Resource Centre’s collection includes numerous texts examining: Antisemitism, War Crimes Trials, Holocaust & Art, Holocaust in Literature, German History, Australian Jewish History. The Centre houses the Survivors Registry and contains resources which members of the public may use to determine the fate of Holocaust victims or survivors. The ...

  2. Archives of Irish Jews

    Volumes containing the names of 53,000 Jewish people who have lived in Ireland have been opened to the public. The records of births, marriages and deaths stretching back to the 17th century were compiled by Stuart Rosenblatt, president of the Genealogical Society of Ireland. The volumes also include details of where people are buried, the schools they went to and details of Jewish households from both the 1901 and 1911 censuses. Details about the family of Chaim Herzog, former president of Israel, who was born in Belfast, are included, along with those of the best-known Irish politicians w...

  3. Provveditorato agli studi di Mantova

    • Mantua Education Offices

    This fonds contains acts of the Mantua Education Offices: registers of the students and teachers from Mantua and its province, reports of the visits to schools, community libraries, kindergartens, private institutions and communications with municipalities.

  4. Carcere giudiziario di Mantova

    • Mantua Judicial Prison

    This fonds contains registers of the Mantua Judicial Prison.

  5. Akta miasta Sierpca

    • Files of he Town of Sierpc

    I. Stadtverwaltung Sierpc l. 1917-1918 (sygn. 125): akta licytacji na wydzierżawienie jatek. II. Magistrat Miasta Sierpca l. 1924-1932 (sygn. od 126 do 127 oraz od 129 do 130): protokoły posiedzeń, księgi uchwał, wykazy radnych i członków Magistratu, sprawy wojskowości, obwieszczenia o poborze rekruta. III. Zarząd Miejski w Sierpcu l. 1939-1939 (sygn. 128 i 131): korespondencja ze starostwem, wykaz przedsiębiorstw skupujących zboże i tłuszcz zwierzęcy, ustalanie cen artykułów zbożowych, komunikaty rabina o zawartych małżeństwach. IV. Miejska Rada Narodowa w Sierpcu l. 1945-1950 (sygn. od 1 ...

  6. Akta miasta Raciąża

    • Files of the Town of Raciąż
    1. Miejska Rada Narodowa l. 1945-1950 [1951] (sygn. od 1 do 8): protokoły posiedzeń Rady, jej Prezydium i Komisji Rewizyjnej. 2. Zarząd Miejski miasta Raciąża l. [1939] 1945-1950 (sygn. od 9 do 32): protokoły posiedzeń Zarządu Miejskiego; a) Referat Ogólno-Organizacyjny l. 1939-1950 (sygn. od 33 do 89): akta dotyczące organizacji władz miejskich, zarządzenia wewnętrzne, sprawozdania, kontrola wewnętrzna, zestawienia i rejestracja szkód wojennych i zbrodni hitlerowskich, akta dotyczące majątku przedsiębiorstw miejskich /rzeźnia, szkoły, przedszkola, elektrownia miejska/, plany gospodarcze, b...
  7. Gebietskommissariat of Kamianets-Podilskyi

    • Кам'янець-Подільський гебітскомісаріат
    • Kamianets-Podilskyi gebietskommissariat

    Collection includes document containing information about liquidation of ghettos in various localities of Kamianets-Podilskyi gebiet (file 1).

  8. Shepetivka Gebietskommissariat

    • Шепетівський гебітскомісаріат
    • Shepetivskyi gebietskomisariat

    Collection includes population census (with divisions on age) in various localities of Shepetivka district as of 20 January 1942, particularly Jewish population (inventory 1, file 21, p. 36); information about ghetto in Dunaivtsy (inventory 1, file 62, p. 83); information about taxes imposed on the Jewish ghettos and sums obtained from them in Sudylkiv, Shepetivka, Berezdiv, Slavuta and Hannopil in February-March 1942 (inventory 1, file 184, p. 52); regulations about organization of Jewish workshops in Shepetivka gebiet to serve the local non-Jewish population (inventory 1, file 192, p. 18).

  9. Vasilkivtsy village administration in Mihalpiltsy district of Iarmolyntsy gebiet

    • Васильківська сільська управа, с. Васильківці, Михалпільського району
    • Vasylkivska silska uprava, s. Vasylkivtsy Myhalpilskoho raionu Iarmolynetskoho okruhu

    Collection includes regulations about organization of Jewish workshops in Iarmolyntsy gebiet to serve the local non-Jewish population (file 3, p. 123).

  10. Selected records from the State Archives in Płock

    Contains selected records from towns (Płock, Gąbin, Gostynin, Sierpc, Raciąż and Wyszogród), and counties (in Gostynin, Płock and Sierpc) in voivodeship Mazowieckie (Poland), both those group of records are from the pre-war, and post-war period. Records from the pre-war period include: minutes of sessions of the Town Hall, budget books, reports and various matters of social and economic character, as well as minutes of sessions of the Jewish Religious Community Council in Płock from1932-1933, and reports from the sessions of the Rabbinical Judgement in Drobin. Records from the period of 193...

  11. Chiffered symbols and signatures.

    Measures are indicated to maintain secrecy as required; real names not to be used in telecommunications. Lists of signatures for telegraphic and telephonic communications. Lists for the symbols of various Units and Services.

  12. Propaganda, Counter-propaganda, Intelligence, Censorship

    Organization of mobile control groups. The legionnaire activity. Detailed reports on cases of false identity, insubordination, legionnaire propaganda, defiant behavior of the German minority, chauvinist movement among the Hungarian population; various individual cases, and measures taken. New rules and regulations for political activity. A German poem defamatory for Romania is shown by a drunk German soldier. Complaints about the disdainful behavior of the German military toward the Romanian “comrades in arms”. Several facts were verified and confirmed as true. A revival of the political pa...

  13. Misc. - territory - etapes.

    Instructions for organizing the secretarial service. Territorial distribution of military commands in Transnistria.

  14. Jewish forced labor

    Jewish forced labor brigades: diggers, forced labor, field work 1942/1943. Organization of means of transportation: equipment and personnel. Reorganization of the military guards.

  15. Plan

    of operations and maps regarding measures to protect main objectives against parachutists and partisans.

  16. Documents related to the activity of partisans

    Text of first Ordinance to be distributed after crossing the Dniester. The German Kommandatur advises the General Staff in re of listening to foreign radio transmissions. Brochure on Soviet parachutists and partisans. Complaints by Romanian Military in re of attitude of German troops towards civilian population. A number of Ordinances issued for the civilian population. Activity of Censoring Services. Information regarding minorities: Ukrainians, poles etc. NB. A number of pages were taken out by the Security Services in 1958-1962.

  17. Protection

    against parachutists, airborne troops and partisans.

  18. Reports

    Reports related to the rebellion and its aftermath. 21.I - 24.II. 1941. Manifest legionnaire signed by Viorel Trifa (NB.later orthodox bishop in Detroit) requesting expulsion of “judaized” ministers from the Romanian government.

  19. Orders

    with regard to measures taken to warrant internal peace and security. Lists of military units in charge of guarding main objectives.

  20. Novoheorhiivsk town administration

    • Міська управа Новогеоргіївського району
    • Miska uprava Novoheorhiivskoho raionu

    Collection includes lists of the Jewish population of the town of Novoheorhiivsk as of 1941.