Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Holding Institution: Državni arhiv u Zagrebu
  1. Zbirka matičnih knjiga s područja nadležnosti Državnog arhiva u Zagrebu

    • Collection of registers books from the jurisdiction of the State Archives of the city of Zagreb
    • Državni arhiv u Zagrebu
    • HR-DAZG-870 Zbirka matičnih knjiga s područja nadležnosti Državnog arhiva u Zagrebu
    • English
    • 1677-1949
  2. Redarstvena oblast za grad Zagreb

    • Police District of the City of Zagreb
  3. Matica u ratu palih - Jevreji umrli na frontu

    • The Index of Fallen in the War – Jews killed in War
  4. Odvjetnička pisarnica Licht Aleksander

    • Law Office of Aleksander Licht
    • Državni arhiv u Zagrebu
    • HR-DAZG-96 Odvjetnička pisarnica Licht Aleksander
    • English
    • 1913-1941
    • 65 boxes, 1 book

    The collection contains documentation concerning legal representation in property disputes and disputes of journalists in the publishing and film industries, as well as documentation about the Zionist movement in Croatia and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Dr. Aleksandar Licht (1884−1948) was a Croatian Zionist leader and founder of the Zionist movement in Croatia. Licht was born in the village of Sokolovac, near Koprivnica, to a Croatian Jewish family. As a child he moved with his family to Zagreb. Licht was educated in Zagreb, where he finished elementary and high school. He earned a law degre...

  5. Dobrotvorno društvo "Prehrana" Zagreb

    • The Jewish charity society "Prehrana" in Zagreb

    Founded by Šandor Alexander pl. Sesvetski (April 5, 1866 – December 17, 1929), a Croatian nobleman, industrialist, and philanthropist; he was the younger brother of Samuel David Alexander and a member of the prominent Alexander family of Zagreb.

  6. Gradsko poglavarstvo Zagreb

    • City Administration of Zagreb

    757 books, 2450 boxes. (316.3 m)

  7. Zapisnici sjednica gradskog vijeća

    • Minutes from City Council meetings