Državni arhiv u Zagrebu

  • State Archive of the City of Zagreb
  • DAZ


Opatička 29


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Archival and Other Holdings

The archives of the National Archives in Zagreb are important for research on the history of the City of Zagreb, as well as regional and local history, and to a lesser extent research at the state level. There are 1,269 archival holdings and collections in the archives, or about 12,000 linear metres of archives.

Among the archives holdings are fonds related to: administration and public services; the judiciary; the economy; educational, cultural, scientific, social, socio-political and religious institutions; and individuals.

Opening Times

Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Conditions of Access

To order material, the user must complete a written application; this special form will ask for the user’s personal data, including information about their place of residence, research topic, and the purpose and use of the material being sought. A new application must be submitted for each new order of archival material and is valid until the end of the commissioned research ls, i.e., to the end of the study a particular topic or subject. Approval for use of material is given immediately, if possible, but no later than three days from the request. Approval for use of archives is valid only for the person who is requesting it in writing or by a delegate. Using archival records may temporarily be denied or delayed if materials are damaged, are already being used by another user, are on expert treatment, are being microfilmed, conserved and/or under restoration, has been borrowed for exhibition or for the needs of state and local authorities, or for the government and the courts.


Upper (Old) Town of Zagreb, limited parking, but walking distance from city centre/main square.

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