Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  1. Selected records from the State Regional Archive in Bratislava

    The bulk of these records are trial records of cases of the Ludovy Sud [People’s Court] for the Bratislava area after the fall of the Tiso regime. The cases selected for microfilming mostly concern Jews and/or members of the local Hlinkova Guarda [Hlinka Guard: Tiso paramilitary organization] who persecuted Jews.

  2. Selected records of trials of the National Court of Slovakia, including the Jozef Tiso trial

    Contains selected documents created of the postwar court trials of Jozef Tiso, members of the wartime administration of Jozef Tiso, and others accused of crimes against Slovakia.

  3. War crimes investigation and trial records from the Republic of Moldova

    Contains electrostatic copies of documents related to criminal investigations into war crimes and enemy collaboration in Moldova and Transnistria.

  4. Selected records from the Perugia Regional State Archive

    Contains records from the Prefettura and Questura di Perugia, 1938-46 relating to the racial laws of 1938 and their implementation in Perugia, the deportation of the Jews of Perugia and their efforts after 1945 to reclaim their property and rebuild their community. Also included are 200 files containing personal materials on individuals. The collection also contains records from the province of Perugia and include records from smaller cities, such as Assisi documenting their reaction to the racial laws.

  5. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Lozère

    Contains documents pertaining to the Rieucros camp and other camps in the Lozère used to house persons including foreigners, Jews, prostitutes, refugees, and Communists. Includes internee files and information pertaining to the operation of the camps.

  6. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Maine-et-Loire

    Contains records pertaining to the systematic harassment, imprisonment, and spoliation of Jews in the Maine-et-Loire as well as records pertaining to the Jewish internment camp at Clefs and the Roma-Sinti internment camp at Montreuil-Bellay.

  7. Selected records of the Departmental Archives of Ain

    This collection contains general information about “Jewish” affairs, Freemasons, identity documents, and internment. It includes documents specifically on the sub-prefectures of Belley and Nantua, as well as a list of “fugitive” foreigners.

  8. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

    Correspondence, reports, circulars, alphabetical registration files of internees, transfer lists and medical records of internees, alphabetical lists of Jews under house arrest, related to internment camps in France, including Gurs, Saint-Cyprien and Polo-Beyris a Bayonne. Also contains records relating to financial aid of Union Générale des Israélites de France, the Red Cross, the Quakers and Aide aux Réfugés (section d'Oloron); art activities of internees; resistance correspondence; records on crime (1941-1945); prostitution (1944-1945); and some photographs of crime victims, and rel...

  9. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Pyrénées-Orientales

    Collection includes records from sources including the departmental committee on the liberation of the region; and the cabinet of the prefecture and the sub-prefecture at Prades. Topics include internment camps; the Rivesaltes military and internment camps; the fortress at Perpignan; correspondence, denunciations, dossiers on individuals; international brigades returning from Spain; Spanish refugees; staff of internment camps; Polish refugees in France; arrests and detentions; Jewish internees at Rivesaltes; and other internees.

  10. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Saône-et-Loire

    Contains a copy of the"Fichier Velu-Jeannet," a file of approximately 4,000 cards concerning foreigners. Also contains passport applications for ex-prisoners of war living in France; instructions, orders, and statistics concerning internment of Jews; information on persons arrested by the German occupation force; a register of internees; and lists of foreigners who were expelled.

  11. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of theTarn-et-Garonne

    Correspondence, reports, lists of internees, police instructions on visas and reports on foreigners, and files on individual internees of the internment camps in France mainly of the Septfonds camp, 1939-1945.

  12. Selected records from the Archives départementales de l'Isère

    Selected records from the préfecture, sous-préfecture, and police department in Isère, France. Includes materials related to the Jewish question, law, general correspondence, Aryanization, Jews who were"objects of police inquiry," name lists and photos of Jews, deportee statistics, postwar memorial to victims of opression (1945 reports), Jewish organizations, the law of 3 October 1941, resistance, foreign workers, labor units, foreign Jews interned in camps, refugee directives, and the papers of Jean Batailh.

  13. Selected records from the archives of the Alliance Israélite Universelle

    The collection deals with the general situation of Jews in various countries, including relations with the local government, anti-Semitism, immigration, emigration, proselytizing by Christians and Muslims. Countries represented in order of preponderance of material include North Africa and the Middle East, including the former Ottoman Empire, countries situated in Eastern and Central Europe, and “The Rest of the world and small countries.” Also contains documents of Jonathan Thurz (1895-1976), a Polish-born Zionist leader who settled in Casablanca in 1927, which includes information about J...

  14. Selected Records of the Departmental Archives of the Loiret

    Local administrative records concerning the two internment camps for foreigners in the Loiret, near Orléans, France: Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande. From May 1941, these camps were reserved for Jews. Records of the regional headquarters of Loiret: health, administrative, internments, regulations, and orders. Records of the regional health department of Loiret. Records of headquarters 10, concerning Spanish refugees. Records of the Pithiviers internment camp. Records of the Montargis sub headquarters. Records of the Pithiviers sub headquarters. General administrative and police records co...

  15. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of Drôme, France

    Contains materials relating to deportations, internment camps, foreigners resident in Drôme, France, and subject to arrest and deportation, declarations of Jewish heritage, directives concerning treatment of Jews, name lists of persons interned and deported, and movement of refugees. Also contains a brief history of refugee artists in the town of Dieulefit, France.

  16. Selected individual files of children under the care of Œuvre de secours aux enfants ( OSE)

    Contains files of people who had been under OSE (Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants) care during the Occupation and who in 2003 were living in the United States. Included is documentation on their Holocaust-era biographies, subsequent correspondence on emigration to the U.S., and information on non-Jewish families that hid children.

  17. Selected records and publications of the Œuvre de secours aux enfants

    Contains documents related to the history of Œuvre de secours aux enfants (OSE) and the different homes it operated around France. Some of the personal archives and general correspondence of key figures of OSE such as Georges Garel, the founder of the"reseau Garel," a resistance network that ferried children over the French border into Switzerland, and Vivette Samuel are included. Personal files of individuals who were raised by OSE as their legal guardian are not included.

  18. Selected records of the Departmental Archives of the Bas Rhin in Strasbourg

    Contains documents from series AL (Reichsland d'Alsace-Lorraine) of the Archives départementales du Bas Rhin, Strasbourg, pertaining to the operation of the Natzweiller-Struthof camp and sub-camps in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, as well as materials related to the German occupation of Alsace-Lorraine in general.

  19. Selected records of Archives départementales de l'Aude

    Contains alphabetical name lists of various categories of French Jewish, foreign Jewish, and non-Jewish refugees including political refugees and Spanish, German, Austrian, etc. refugees; administrative and other documents concerning the internment camps Bram, Couiza, and Rivel; the prison at Limoux, France; Vichy government and instructions and regulations regarding refugees in labor groups and refugees in internment camps; documents and reports of the local Sûreté; documents regarding "secret organizations," the resistance, and communists; registers of persons killed by the Germans; and...

  20. Selected records of the Departmental Archives of Ariège

    Contains administrative records related to the internment camp in Le Vernet, France. Also contains records related to German war crimes committed in France and records related to Jews seeking refuge in France after 1936.