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Country: Russia
  1. Комиссия по истории Великой Отечественной войны 1941-1945 гг. Академии наук СССР

    • Commission on the Great Patriotic War's history. Academy of science.

    Section I - “History of military units and divisions” 259 inventories, including 1802 units of storage. The section contains a variety of materials on the activities of the armies, divisions, regiments participating in the battles: the history of military units, operational documents (orders, orders, reports, reports, reports and logs of military operations, combat operations schemes), transcripts of conversations with commanders and ordinary soldiers which reflects their immediate impressions and experiences, memories of the war participants, letters, literary works of soldiers, folklore m...

  2. Советское информационное бюро (Совинформбюро) при Государственном Комитете по культурным связям с зарубежными странами при Совете министров СССР

    • Soviet Information Bureau

    Materials related to the Holocaust could be found mostly in Opis 1 and 2. There is a card index of personalities for Opis 1. Schorthands reports of the workers of meetings with Losovsky made by workers of the Sovinformbureau, reports about the work of the Sovinformbureau and its branches (1941-1946, 1948-1955, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961), Orders (1946, 1947-1954, 1959, 1960). Correspondence between Soviet Anti-Fascist committees and international organizations, report about the activity of the Soviet women committee (1942-1943), (1943-1944), Kewish Anti-Fascist Committee (1941-1943), and with A...

  3. Западный штаб партизанского движения

    • Western staff of partisan movement

    Orders, instructions, directives of the Central headquarters of the partisan movement. Journals of military operations, reports, stories of partisan detachments and units. Documents about the occupation regime. Newspapers published during the occupation: "New life". Reports of the units "Thirteen", "Batya", "Granddad", brigades named after Parkhomenko, Voroshilov, Andreev, 1st, 2nd, 3d Vadinkaya, 5 Vorgovskaya, Kletnyanskaya, regiment named after Laso named after Laso, under command of Zhabo and Amelichev named after XXIV Red Army University, detached units "Northern Bear", "Patriot of the ...

  4. Смоленская областная чрезвычайная комиссия по установлению и расследованию злодеяний немецко-фашистских захватчиков и их сообщников и причиненного ими ущерба гражданам, колхозам, общественным организациям, государственным предприятиям и учреждениям

    • Smolensk Oblast Extraordinary Commission for ascertaining and investigating crimes perpetrated by the German–Fascist invaders and their accomplices

    Orders and directives of the commission, reports, and information about the Commission's activity. Statements on the state of the districts after liberation from occupation. Acts of investigation of atrocities and estimation of damage caused to citizens and the national economy of the region during the war. General statistics on the estimation of atrocities and damage by village councils, districts, regions. Information about the victims of the Nazi regime. Lists of persons displaced to Germany. Lists of concentration camps and other places of forced detention of prisoners of war and civili...

  5. Коллекция документов по Великой Отечественной войне 1941-1945 гг.

    • Collection of documents related to the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

    Documents related to the period of occupation of Belgorod Oblast, Nazi atrocities, materials related to the liberation of the occupied territory; original letters of soldiers, memories of the participants of the war from Belgorod; award sheets (copies from TsAMO), memories of hospital staff.

  6. Штаб истребительных батальонов Управления народного комиссариата Внутренних дел по Ростовской области, г. Ростов-на-Дону

    • The headquarters of the fighter battalions of the Office of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs in the Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don

    Orders of the Operation Headquarter of NKVD USSR; Documents of selected fighter battalions; Orders of German Headquarters related to extraordinary measures against partisans.

  7. Бургоминистерство города Ростова-на-Дону

    • City ministry of the city of Rostov-on-Don

    Orders initiated by the City Ministry. Appeal to the citizens. Fascist propaganda posters, leaflets, interrogation reports, explanatory notes of prisoners of war. Information about the formation of Cossak units. Information about "Volksdeutsche".

  8. Чрезвычайная государственная комиссия по установлению и расследованию злодеяний немецко-фашистских захватчиков и их сообщников и причиненного ими ущерба гражданам, коллективным хозяйствам (колхозам), общественным организациям, государственным предприятиям и учреждениям СССР (ЧГК).

    • Extraordinary State Commision to Investigate the Crimes of the German Fascist Occupiers and their Accomplices and to Determine Resulting Casualties to Citizens, Collective Farms, Organizations, State Enterprises, and Institutions of the USRR

    This collection contains selected material about victims, crimes against persons, and perpetrators, and excludes information about crimes against property. Documents include victim name lists, protocols of interrogating eyewitnesses by local members of the Extraordinary Commission, and signed depositions summarizing the commission’s findings. Also included are photos, diagrams, and maps showing the location of atrocities and graves.

  9. Белгородчина в период Великой Отечественной войны Советского Союза 1941-1945 гг.

    • Belgorod Oblast during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

    Fond contains materials related to the patriotic activity of partisans in Belgorod Oblast, to the fascist atrocities, economical and cultural loss. Materials are also related to the combat activity in the region, reconstruction of national economics, to the Belgorod citizens who participated in the War.

  10. Гроссман Василий Семенович (1905-1964) - писатель

    • Vasily Semyonovich Grossman (1905-1964) - writer

    244 files, 4 opisi Manuscrips, drafts, and notebooks of the writer, correspondence with editors and colleagues. Opis 2: 1949 - 1963 Manuscripts of "Life and Fate" (1960). Notebooks, diaries, interviews with red army soldiers (1943-1945) Opis 3: Notebooks (1941-1950)

  11. Секретариат Молотова

    • The Molotov's Secretariat

    Political and economic affairs with foreign states.Instructions from Ministry of Foreign Affairs to embassies, correspondence between Soviet executives (Stalin, Kalinin, Bulganin) with international colleagues, Ministries, TASS etc. Materials about bilateral agreements, trade, payments, scientific and cultural cooperation, repatriation.

  12. Международный военный трибунал для главных немецких преступников (Нюрнбергский процесс). Нюрнберг.

    • International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (The Nuremberg trials)

    Opis 1, 2916 files, 1945-1947 Agreement, rules and regulations of the tribunal, notifications, orders, reports, decoding of sound records of the open sessions, and reports from the close sessions. Letter of indictment, materials from Commonwealth counsel and counsel for the defence. Speeches of the accusers and defending counsels. statutory declaration (mascot); Affidavits of the sides. Interrogation reports of the defendance and accuisation. Sentence of the Nuremberg trial, opinions of the court members. Opis 2, 431 files, 1938-1946 The main specifics of the Opis 2 is the precise discripti...

  13. Ейский районный отдел социального обеспечения и попечительства ейской районной управы

    • Department of the social work and guardianship of Yeysk district administration

    Личные дела жителей города Ейска.

  14. Коллекция трофейных немецких документов, перемещенных на территорию СССР

    • Collection of trophy German materials
  15. Еврейская община (г. Салоники)

    • Juive communautÉ (Salonique)
    • Records of Jewish Community of Salonika, Greece
  16. Еврейская община (г. Берлин)

    • Jüdische Gemeinde (Berlin)
    • Records of Jewish Community, Berlin