Arizační spisy

  • Aryanization files
  • Arizační spisy - Národní správa majetkových podstat
  • NAD 375
Language of Description
1938 - 1945
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  • Czech
  • German
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

The collection consists out of 101 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 3.5 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

Biographical History

After World War II the Czechoslovak government founded in June 1945 the National Property Administration (Národní správa majetkových podstat, NSMPO), which administered assets that were forfeit during the occupation of the country by their original owners because of their national, political, or racial persecution. The most important institution involved in the process of Aryanization in Bohemia and Moravia was the Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung in Prag/ Zentralamt für die Regelung der Judenfrage in Böhmen und Mähren (Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Prague/ Central Office for the Regulation of the Jewish Question). The NSMPO took over documents from different German institutions which were involved into the Aryanization process of Jewish property during the Nazi-occupation in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia and in the "Sudetengau" connected to the German Reich after the Munich Agreement in 1938. These organisations were for the Protectorate mainly the Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia (Úřad říšského protektora v Čechách a na Moravě) and different Oberlandrats (Úřad vrchního zemského rady), but also the Ministry of Finances (Ministerstvo financy/Finanzministerium), different banks, the Warenverwertungsgesellschaft (Společnost pro zhodnocování zboží), the Handelsgesellschaft mbH (Hadega) and others. In the Sudetengau the most important institutions in this process were the Reichskommissar für die sudetendeutsche Gebiete and the Regierungspräsidents (Vládní president) in Aussig, Eger and Troppau and the Oberlandrats.

Archival History

The collection "Aryanization files" is from different creators. The documents in the collection "Aryanization files" are from the foreign exchange department of the NSMPO. The work of the NSMPO was 1950 ended by the Fund of National Renewal (Fond národní obnovy) and the documents dealing with foreign exchange assets were given to the State Central Archives/Státni ústřední archiv in Prague (today National Archives/Národní archiv).

Scope and Content

The collection Arizační spisy was in the 1950s divided into seven main groups by its origins:

  1. "Müller": named after the "Sonderbeauftragter für Ernährungsfragen beim Reichsprotektor", Rudolf Müller. These are documents connected with Jewish food companies (70 boxes).
  2. "Regierungspräsident Aussig" (Vládní president Ústí nad Labem): Documents which are connected with the Aryanization in Northern Bohemia from 1938 to 1945 under the administration of the Regierungspräsident Aussig an der Elbe (23 boxes).
  3. "Landespräsident Brünn" (Zemský president Brno): Documents which are connected with the Aryanization in Moravia (377 boxes).
  4. "DWT" (Deutsche Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Berlin): Audit reports about Jewish companies (149 boxes).
  5. "TRG" (Treuhand- ud Revisionsgesellschaft mbH Prag - Prüfung des Rechnungswesens): Examination reports of the accounting system of Jewish companies (142 boxes)
  6. "TRG-x" (Treuhand- und Revisionsgesellschaft mbH Prag - Vermögensverwaltung): Administration of Jewish property (27 boxes).
  7. "Různé" ("others"): part a: "Hadega" (Handesgesellschaft mbH Prag): Documents about forced sale of Jewish gold and gems; part b: "P": Documents about Jewish Certificates of deposit and securities; part c: "P.M.": reports of the Gestapo about to the Ministry of Finance about aryanized property of emigrated Jews.

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