Úřad říšského protektora v Čechách a na Moravě, Praha

  • Amt des Reichsprotektors in Böhmen und Mähren, Prag
  • Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia, Prague
  • ÚŘP
Language of Description
1939 - 1945
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  • Czech
  • German
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

255, 12 linear metres of documents are processed and inventoried and accessible and 50, 52 linear metres are unprocessed and not accessible

Biographical History

The creator of the fonds is the Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia which was established in April 1939, soon after the German occupation of the rest of the first Czechoslovak Republic in March 1939. The Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia was the fundamental office from all of the German Nazi occupational offices in the Protectorate. It controlled all protectorate offices - occupational and autonomous - in the Protectorate, including the Czech protectorate government, it also published administration regulations. The Head of the Office was the Reichsprotector. He was a representative of the Reich in the Protectorate Czech and Moravia, delegated by Adolf Hitler, to supervise and defend the political and economic interests of The Third Reich. Reichsprotectors were Constantin von Neurath, Reinhard Heydrich, Kurt Daluege and later in 1943 the Office was lead by K. H. Frank. After the assassination of Heydrich in 1942 a during the year 1943 the Office of the Reichsprotector was reorganized and formally existed till the end of the war, in the fact however it was a part of and belonged under the authority of the German State ministry lead by the State Secretary K. H. Frank.

Archival History

Although the fonds is not complete it is very extensive and further more it has various types of its creators. Their powers/competences sometimes overlapped. That is one of the reasons why the arranging of the fonds was quite difficult. The other one is related to the fact that the documents were given into the State Central Archives (=National Archives) and than arranged between the years 1960-1986. For better orientation in the fonds it is necessary read all finding aids with further additions. There are not available online only in the research room.

Scope and Content

In the fonds, there are many jewish related documents and for studying the theme of protectorate Jews it is a fundamental fonds.

There are documents related generally to the status of Jews in the Protectorate, their legal status in the freelance work or in the state administrative. Valuable documents are related to the Aryanization/Arisierung of the jewish property (jewish companies, trades, traffics, agricultural and forestry companies, timber companies) and its later redistribution, various lists of aryanizated property and lists of posted Treuhänders. There are also documents about the Nazi confiscation of jewish flats and their later redistribution, allocation/revocation of the citizenship of the protectorate Jews and documents generally regarding to question of race and its protection. There are also information about jewish securities and debentures in banks and various reports about its transfers.

The fonds - Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia - has further additions. Mostly the documents are from the provenance of Commissioners of the Reichsprotector.

System of Arrangement

This fonds is very extensive and it was very difficult to arrange it. The biggest creator of the fonds is the Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia, later the German State Ministry. The documents from the Office of the Reichsprotector weren´t seperated from the documents of the German State Ministry. However for better arrangement of the fonds were separated the documents from years 1939-1940 (for this period existed a clear classification plan). Documents are arranged

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