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  1. Refugees

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  5. Child refugees at Lowestoft Holiday Camp. Child refugees ...

    1. Image Collection NIOD

    Child refugees at Lowestoft Holiday Camp. Child refugees having a meal at Pakefield Holiday Camp, Lowestoft, Suffolk.

  6. Jewish Refugees

  7. The Institute for Care of Refugees

    • Ústav pro péči o uprchlíky

    1938 - 1940

    The Institute took care of refugees from Czechoslovak territories occupied by Nazi in 1938 and also of those people (mostly foreigners) who were fleeing before Nacism from 1933. The Institute helped with finding a temporary accomodation, food and medical care. It also provided financial help and tried to integrate refugees in the society again.

  8. Jewish refugees

  9. Polish refugees

  10. Refugees in Italy

  11. Refugees in Transylvania

  12. Name Index of refugees

    1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stockholm
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Navnekartotek over flygtninge
    • Danish, English
    • 1943-1945
    • 7 parcels

    Name Index of refugees (handed over/in 1956) 1943-1945. In alphabetical order.

  13. Documents on the Jewish refugees in Dalmatia

    1. Државна комисија за утврђивање злочина окупатора и њихових помагача

    The files contain several personal dossiers of Jews who escaped from the Independent State of Croatia or German occupied Serbia to Dalmatia, then under Italian occupation. There are detailed information about the identity of the refugees, life and the escape-lines used to reach Dalmatia. The dossiers were produced by the Italian authorities in order to keep under control the Jewish refugees. Sometimes they were sent to Italy; in other cases they were kept in Dalmatia or sent to concentration camps in Portorè/Kraljevica and Arbe/Rab. The materials had been produced by Italian police in Dalma...

  14. Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees

    • IGCR

    Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees was a rescue organization set up as a result of the Evian Conference to search for new areas of large-scale Jewish settlements, find ways of pressuring the German government to release Jews, and prompt Evian nations (thirty-two) to accept Jews. The IGCR’s lukewarm rescue efforts were ineffective and did not lower immigration barriers. Its very existence, a mere token, frustrated other rescue plans.

  15. Jewish Refugees Committee London

    • Jewish Refugee Committee