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  • Derzhavnyi arkhiv Kyivskoi oblasti


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State Archive of Kiev Oblast was established 22 May 1922 as the Kyiv Central Historical Archive by the resolution of Main Archival Administration of the Soviet State.

At that time is held four main collections of documents:

  • Old administration and assembly books from the times of the Russian Empire; — regional collections; — documents of the different religious denominations in the Oblast
    — military documents

Most of the collections of the archive established in 1922 is based on the holdings of the older archive of the Gubernial Administration of the Russian Empire, that in 1874 held around 20 millions of documents.

During the Soviet period the archive changed many times its supervising institutions. Its current name, State Archive of Kiev Oblast, was given in 1980.

From 1991 the archive became a subdivision of Kyiv Regional State Administration, accountable and controlled by the head of the regional administration and the State Committee on Archives of Ukraine.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds document collections created in the Kiev province from the XVII century until today.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive is operating on the basis of decision of the Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration from 14.03.2013 № 96.

It is available online at:


Administrative Structure

Archive is divided into 8 departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Preservation of documents
  • Documents Service and Information Technology
  • Reference System and Recordings of Documents
  • Formation of the National Archives Records and their Management
  • Accounting and Logistics
  • Organizational Analysis and Record Keeping Software
  • Laboratory Restoration of Documents


Archive is placed in one building, and has two adresses referring to the same building: Melnykov street 38 and 40

Archival and Other Holdings

Archive holds 2229 Record Groups encompassing various documents created in the Kiev Province in pre-revolutionary (before 1917) period. Among many these are documents of state administration, religious, military, agricultural, industrial educational, cultural and all other institutions, as well as known individuals active in the province.

Full list of record groups is available online:


Archives collections from pre-1917 period have Senate’s Ukases, instructions of Ministers and departments about administrative-territorial change, social structure of population, putting into effect the reforms in the XIX century. The most ancient document is the hetman’s Ivan Samoylovich order, issued by him in Baturin on 21 May 1682 to the colonel Pavlovskiy about taking the oath by his regiment to the tsar Petr Alekseevich (saved in the file about noble family Pavlovski).

Collections of office of Kyivs governor, guberniya’s administration, guberniya’s statistical committee, guberniya’s land administration, Kyiv’s control chamber, guberniya’s building and highways commissions consists of documents concerning the development of industry, opening factories, for example, South-Russian Machine Building (1862), Greter and Krivanek (1880), Iron Foundry «Motor» (1904), Demiyvskiy Bricksworks (1908), about the forming the Association of the shipping on the Dnepr river (1838), building plan of the navigation landing stage in the Kyiv (1842), building of the monument of Bohdan Chmelnitskiy in Kyiv (80th years of the XIX century)

Collections of Kyiv’s guberniya’s statistical committee and Management of people’s schools of Kyiv’s guberniya consist of the documents about activities of educational institutions, for example, Ukase (copy) by Alexander I about Kyiv gymnasium and schools in the counties of the Kyiv’s guberniya (new educational system beginning from 1812).

Collections of Procurator of Kyiv’s guberniya, Kуiv’s district court, prison inspection etc. have many documents about peasants struggle against serfdom, preparation and conduction of the reform in 1861, Stolypin’s agrarian reform (1907-1910) files about Stolypin’s murder, about demonstrations in the memory’s days of T. Shevchenko and L. Tolstoy (1913-1914) etc.

Maps and drawings collection (1782-1919) containns maps and plans of the communications, counties, some towns, villages of Kyiv, Podolia and Poltava guberniyas.

Among the personal collections there are documents of M. Berlinskiy, V. Demchenko, P. Zgandr, landowners Kamenski, P. Poceluev, V. Synaiyskiy and collection of personal cards of officials.

Near 20 collections reflect different steps of the struggle for the Ukrainian independent state (1917-1920)

As for the post-1917 period, Archive holds documents of all the state, party and Komsomol institutions active in the province during the Soviet period.

Internet database of the Record Groups referring to the Soviet period is still in the preparation.

The collections of the Soviet period encompass documents of local administrations of the Soviet regime. There are files about the nationalization of factories (1921-1922) building industrial works (1927), collectivization and collective farms in the Kyiv oblast (1930), foundation of various museums and institutions (1925-1930) etc.

About 400 collections refer to the period of Nazi occupation in the Kyiv and Kyiv oblast during the World War II. There are «Kyiv Generalkommissariat», «Kyiv Stadtkommissariat», «Museum and Archive of the Transitional Period", Kyiv city administration.

In the collections referring to the post-1945 period researchers can find economical description of regions of the Kyiv oblast after its liberation from Nazis, information about restoration and development of industry, transport, agriculture, establishments of culture, education and health services.

Archive has personal collections dated after 1917. There are documents of D. Beling, S.Veselovskiy, Grinchenko, G. Gubarev, V. Dreling, L. Krizanivskiy, A. Krymskiy, M. Kuznetsov, Y. Lopushinskaya, A. Nicovskiy.

Collections of Kyiv city’s, oblast’s and region’s committees of Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) and Lenin’s Communist Youth League of Ukraine (LCYLU) are saved in the archive.

Many collections of industrial works, local administrations, judicial and notarial establishments, files of repatriates from Germany are used for the archive’s information work.

Among of the photodocuments saved in the archive, there are photos of Ukrainian writer O.Korniychuk, painter G. Veres, commander of partisan formation S. Kovpak, member of the crew of cruiser «Varyag» M. Volodimarenko, participants of Ten-Day festival of Russian Literature and Art (Y. Dolmatovskiy, K. Simonov, M. Lukonin, S. Vasiliev, M. Aliger) etc.

Total Volume of collections:

7046 funds, 2422721 collection items (1682-2010) 20976 collection items of photo documents (1916-2010)

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

  • Muzei-arkhiv perekhodovoi doby: Pofondovyi putivnyk / Uklala Olha Bielaia. Derzhavnyi komitet arkhiviv Ukrainy. Derzhavnyi arkhiv Kyivskoi oblasti. – Kyiv, 2002. – (Seriia "Arkhivni zibrannia Ukrainy: Spetsialni dovidnyky").

Online version of this finding aid: http://www.archives.gov.ua/Publicat/Guidebooks/Putivnyk-Kiev-obl.php

Pdf version of this finding aid:


Tematic catalogues grouping various collections and research groups of the archive are available online:


Opening Times

Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 4.45 p.m., with a break between 1-1.45 p.m. Reading rooms are working on: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Conditions of Access

Many of formerly restricted files have been declassified in recent years, but some record groups and documents still have limited access. Some collections are unavailable because of need for restoration.

Research Services

Archive is providing full genealogical and tematical research service. Price list of those services are available online:


Reproduction Services

Archive is providing reproduction services such as photocopying or scanning of the documents.


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