Regionaal Archief Zutphen

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Spiegelstraat 13-17
7201 KA


+(31) (0)575 - 512157


The Regional Archives Zutphen are located in three buildings in the Spiegelstraat. In the old medieval building the reading room is located. In the other rooms are offices, a dining room and a depot where 4.5 kilometres of records are stored.

In the spring of 1976 the City Archives settled in the buildings next to the the medieval building.In 1987, the municipality also purchased the medieval building in which two years later the reading room was opened.

Records Management and Collecting Policies

In addition to the archives of the municipalities the Regional Archives Zutphen also manage various archives and collections of individuals. These include archives of churches, businesses, associations, but also an old photo or diary of a person.

Archival and Other Holdings

The Regional Archives Zutphen preserve and maintain the municipal archives of Zutphen, Brummen and Lochem, as well as the archives of local and regional churches, clubs, institutions, companies and other organizations. The 4.5 kilometers of documents, photos, maps, books and charters represent a large history of these three towns in Gelderland.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

The search engine of the archives can be found here.

Opening Times

The Regional Archives Zutphen are open from Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm.


The Regional Archives Zutphen is located approximately 5 minutes from the Zutphen train station.