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The Archives originated as a "staatliches Kreisarchiv," (district archive) in the mid 19th century. The jurisdiction and duties of these Speyer Archives remained relatively unchanged until 1945, just the name changed in 1921 to be "Staatsarchiv Speyer." Administrative reform occurred in 1968, with which the previous government districts Pfalz and Rheinhessen were merged to the new administrative district of Rheinhessen-Pfalz, which was under the area of jurisdiction for the State Archives Speyer, whose name was subsequently changed in 1975 to Landesarchiv Speyer. In 1986, the Archives obtained a new building with a magazine capacity of 20,000 running meters (current location: Otto-Mayer-Str. 9).

Archival and Other Holdings

Collections of the Archives include: Alte Bestände (older collections, before 1789), Deposita (includes family and individual records as well as records of city, community and other businesses and establishments), French administration and transitional authorities, modern administration and special collections (photos, sound recordings, maps, etc.).Among others contains restitution- and/or compensation-related materials: Bezirksamt für Wiedergutmachung Neustadt an der Weinstrasse und Mainz; Landgericht Frankenthaund Mainz [incl. appeals]; Bezirksamt für Wiedergutmachung Neustadt an der Weinstraße und Mainz, Finanzamt Alzey, Bingen, Dahn, Landau, Ludwigshafen, Mainz, Neustadt a.d.W., Oppenheim, Pirmasens, Speyer und Worms; Landgericht Kaiserslautern, Landau, Mainz, und Zweibrücken; closed files

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Archive database with collections descriptions available online:

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 09:00am to 05:00pm Friday: 09:00am to 04:00pm

Conditions of Access

Use of the Archives for research purposes is available to the public.


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