Státní oblastní archiv v Zámrsku

  • State Regional Archive in Zámrsk


State Regional Archive in Zámrsk was established in 1960. In 2011 it deposited 3 118 archival fonds.

Archival and Other Holdings

Most requested Collection of the Parished Registers of EasterBohemian Region was digitesed and is accessible online. Links to particular register can be found in the inventory ( ). Online finding aids are available only in Czech language.

Opening Times

Monday 8:00–17:00 hours Tuesday 8:00–15:00 hours Wednesday 8:00–17:00 hours Thursday 8:00–15:00 hours Friday closed.

It is possible to visit the research room of the State Regional Archives in Zámrsk in the opening hours. The research room has a limited capacity of the study places. The reservation of study places did not prove good and so a rule is accepted that in case that all study places are occupied, the next researcher can enter the research room when some of the places will be free. The contingent restriction of operation of the research room is published on internet pages of the archives. It is allowed to use an ordinary carbon pencil or a laptop for making notices and excerpts of the records. It is possible to lend for studying at the most six study units, e. g. books, cartons, maps, etc. for one visiting day and for one person, study reproductions of records on microfilms at the most in quantity of twenty microfilms for one visiting day. The study of the public records including parish registers is free of charge. It is possible to order the public records till 13:30 hours for the same day. It is usually possible to put forward parish registers and microfilms within 30 minutes, books and plans from other funds within about three hours, cartons and records after paging – usually for the next visit. The researchers can use their own reproduction device (especially digital cameras without a flash) to make reproductions of records for personal study use. The reproductions made in this way are not paid.


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