Държавен военноисторически архив

  • Durzhaven voennoistoricheski arhiv
  • State Military Historical Archives


The Archive was created in 1951 by orders of the Minister of defense № 50, dated 9th Feb. 1951 and № 140 dated 20th March 1951 and directive № 4544 dated 21st May 1951 of the Chief of the General Staff under the name “Central Archival Fonds of the Bulgarian People’s Army”. By Council of Ministers’(CM)s decree 807 dated 6th Oct.1951 it was validated as a departmental archive, subordinated to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. In 1955 the Archive was renamed into Central Military Archive (ЦВА). In 1971 by Ordinance of the Chief of the General Staff the Military Historical Archive fusioned with it, preserving the documents of the Military Historical Committee at the General Staff, which was created in 1914. By CM’s decree № 237 dated 21st Dec.1999 it was shifted to the General Department of Archives and renamed in 2007 to State Military Historical Archives under the Archives State Agency.


At the time of its creation in 1951 the Archive was located in the Infantry School within the 18th Infantry regiment area. In 1954 a special archive facility was built and in 1973 another 10-floor edifice still occupied by the Archive.

Archival and Other Holdings

As of the 1st Jan. 2012 the number of fonds of the Archive amounts to 8974.66 linear metres with 3407 archival fonds (3344 public and 63 private) with 426 918 archival units; 306 partial accessions and 810 memoirs. According to the order and conditions regulated by law, 500 archival units of 12 fonds keep their degree of classification.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

The State Military Historical Archives (SMHA) disposes of laboratories for microfilming, conservation and restoration of records. A reading room and a library are operative where 25 000 volumes of vocational literature on history, archivology and other fields of science, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, finding aids, guides, catalogs, documentary editions, memoirs of imporatnt figures, relative to the history of the Bulgarian army, periodicals etc.


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