Federatia Uniunilor de Comunitati Evreiesti

  • Federation of Jewish Communities
  • FUCE
Type of Entity
Corporate Body


The president of the Federatia Uniunilor de Comunitati Evreiesti, Dr. Wilhelm Filderman, was the initiator and political leader of Jewish life at that historical moment when the Jewish community in Romania was confronted with the most complex problems of its entire history. Although his activity had to be focused on solving everyday problems (as all the anti-Semitic measures had a direct effect at this level), his efforts did not have only an administrative dimension. Solving those many problems required great tact, political vision, flexibility, and the capacity to adapt to a specific historical context. Wilhelm Filderman adopted appropriate tactics in response, such as petitions and audiences with the prominent figures in Romanian political and clerical life who had influence in governmental circles and agreed to intervene on behalf of Jews. He continued this activity even after the dismantling of the Federation.


  • Founded in Romania.


  • Yad Vashem, www.yadvashem.org