Association des Juifs en Belgique

  • Association of Jews Belgium
  • AJB
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence



The Association des Juifs en Belgique was submissive to the Germans, but less active in the deportation of Jews than other Judenrate, for example, Amsterdam. It was established on 1941-11-25. The AJB’s orders were often ignored by the Jewish community. The Jewish underground often burned lists of Jews to be deported, thereby undermining the AJB’s authority. The AJB did provide educational and social activities during the winter of 1941 through the fall of 1944. Almost 35,000 of Belgium’s Jewish population of 66,000 were deported to labor and concentration camps and at least 30,000 perished in the Holocaust.


  • Founded and active in Belgium.


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