Armée Juive

  • AJ
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence

Founded in 1942-01


The Armée Juive was a completely secret operation, established in 1941-01. Its members were recruited secretly, they swore their loyalty to the AJ on the Bible and the Zionist flag, and they even began training to fight before the organization had procured arms. It is unclear how many members the AJ actually had. Not all Zionist groups supported or trusted the AJ. The AJ, Zionist oriented, with commando groups, operated in different cities, striking at informers who worked for the Gestapo. This unit established relations with other bodies, the Eclaireurs Israelites de France, Mouvement de Jeunesse Sioniste and Poale Zion, which were eventually brought together in the Organisation Juive de Combat (Jewish Fighting Organisation).


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