Language of Description: Romanian
  1. Inspectorate General of Gendarmerie. Informative Note from 7 April 1942. In two villages of district Berezovka 15 German Policemen have taken by force 850 Jews and shot them dead. Also more 30 Jews were killed. The corpses were drenched with petroleum and incinerated, not before their clothes were distributed to the local German population. Informative Note from 1 April 1942. On March 10, 1942- 850 Jews, on March 20, 1942- 1742 Jews and in March 22, 1942-a total of 550 Jews from the same district were killed, burned to ashes and their clothes given to the Volksdeutsche, as the local Germans called themselves.Informative Bulletin 23 April,1942.Informative notes (Handwritten) Pretorial Service Odessa. Informational Bulletin. Informative Bulletin April 42; Inspectorate Gendarmes Cernăuţi. Informative note February 1942. The case of Jenny Schapira. Informative Notes regarding money dealings of Jews in Moghilev. Payment for the transport of deportees from Moghilev to the countryside.The case of Larionescu Ion from Rădăuţi – money transfer to Transnistria. Informative report for districts Ananiev,Tiraspol February 1942.The case of Lt. Colonel Coliban for organizing a courier service between Bucovina and the Jewish camps in Transnistria. Many of the people involved are from Câmpulung and from Vatra-Dornei. Nominal list of the money transferred by Lt. Col. Coliban. Letters from and to Moghilev by the people involved. Informative Bulletin for Transnistria March/April 1942. Analysis of the Ukrainian, German and Romanian population. Hundreds of Jews were executed by the German police. The catacombs from Odessa. The Jewish problem.1942.