Language of Description: English
  1. E. E. Gophstein Writings

    Diaries, and historical, biographical and bibliographical writings, relating to the history of the Crimea, especially during the period from the Russian Revolution to the 1950s; the history of publishing in the Crimea during this period; notable persons of the Crimea, especially artists; the Jewish community of Simferopol'; and the German occupation of Simferopol' during World War II. Includes some later correspondence relating to the writings of E. E. Gopshtein.

  2. Michal Glazer Memoranda

    Relates to the international conditions of Jews, especially in Poland, to prospects for creation of a Jewish state, and to the effects of British and American policy on those prospects.

  3. Michael Glaser Papers

    Correspondence and writings, relating mainly to World War II Polish diplomacy, prospects for Jewish emigration from Poland before the war, and postwar displaced person problems.

  4. Gesamtverband Deutscher Antikommunistischer Vereinigungen

    Writings, reports, and clippings, relating to the international communist movement and to Jews.

  5. Germany. Geheime Staatspolizei. Staatspolizeistelle Breslau.

    Relates to individuals wanted for political offenses, escaped prisoners, and censorship activities in Germany during World War II.

  6. German subject collection

    Pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, election campaign literature, other printed matter, reports, memoranda, letters, depositions, and miscellany, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Germany, primarily since the German Revolution of 1918, and relating especially to the Weimar period, post-World War II West German elections and student radicalism, the end of the communist regime in East Germany in 1989, the reunification of Germany in 1990, and post-reunification elections. Includes the former "Berlin nach der Revolution Collection", consisting of handbills, proclamations...

  7. German pictorial collection

    Photographs, postcards, and slides, depicting various political, military, and naval scenes in Germany, including communist rallies in the 1920s, the Berlin blockade of 1948-1949, and various prominent German personalities, including East German head of state Walter Ulbricht. Contains photographs of Nazi leaders, including prints of 11 leading Nazis convicted at Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, 1945-1946, taken immediately after their execution, and five color photographs of neo-Nazi graffiti in Berlin. Ca. 1991-1994.

  8. Rudolf Franz Collection

    Leaflets, proclamations, political campaign literature, war news announcements, and pamphlets, relating to events of World War I, the Spartacist revolt, the Kapp putsch in Germany, German nationalism, antisemitism, and German and Austrian politics. Box 2, folder l, contains some anti-semitic leaflets issued by the "Deutschvoelkischer Schutz and Trutzbund" in 1919. Box 3, folder 3, contains anti-Jewish posters issued in 1919.

  9. Ludwig E. Frank Papers

    Writings, interview transcript, correspondence, reports, identification documents, printed matter, photographs, and video tape, relating to persecution of Jews in Japan during World War II.

  10. Henry Ford and Theodor Fritsch Leaflet

    Reprints of correspondence between H. Ford and Theodor Fritsch, German anti-Semitic writer, relating to the works of T. Fritsch.

  11. Hugo and Flora Fleisher letters

    Letters, mainly to their daughter Luise Papo in London, relating to efforts to emigrate during and just prior to World War II.

  12. L'Extermination des Juifs polonais

    Relates to the genocide carried out against Jews in German-occupied Poland during World War II. There are actually two reports in this collection. The first report was written by a young Polish Jew from Warsaw, who had been a medical student in Italy, 1937-39. He describes the ghettos of Warsaw and Lublin and the Majdanek and Belsen concentration camps after he escaped on April 15, 1943. The 24 page report was made available in Geneva on November 1, 1943. The second report contains an eyewitness account of a member of the Judenrat of the town of Kosow Huculski who escaped and composed the a...

  13. Samuel Esterowicz Memoirs

    Relates to the Jewish holocaust in Lithuania. Also includes Russian language version. Processed in collaboration with Pearl Esterowicz Good.

  14. Irma C. Erman Papers

    Correspondence, writings, personal documents, printed matter, photographs, and art objects, relating to German Jewish emigre affairs, the history of antisemitism, and Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution. Includes two plays dramatizing the actions of Paul Gruninger, a Swiss police captain, and Mitsugi Shibata, a Japanese official, in saving the lives of Jewish refugees in Austria and China, respectively, during World War II.

  15. Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich Collection

    Protocols of meetings, bulletins, statutes, programs, statements, position papers, pamphlets, and printed matter, relating primarily to the Swiss organizations Eidgenossische Gemeinschaft and Gotthard-Bund, Swiss preparations for resistance to a possible German invasion during World War II, and proposals for political and social reform in Switzerland during and after the war. Consists primarily of duplicate issuances of the Eidgenossische Gemeinschaft and the Gotthard-Bund collected by the Archiv fur Zeitgeschichte of the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich.

  16. Adolf Eichmann Trial excerpts

    Includes excerpts from the testimony of Eichmann and others, and from the closing defense statement.

  17. Cesky svaz protifasistickych bojovniku. Ustredni rehabilitacni poradna.

    Statutes, memoranda, correspondence, bulletins, and printed matter, relating to efforts to secure political rehabilitation of certain members of the resistance movement in German-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II.

  18. Klaus Barbie Pre-trial Records

    Trial instruction, including depositions and exhibits, in the case of Klaus Barbie before the Tribunal de grande instance de Lyon, relating to German war crimes in France during World War II.

  19. J. C. Hurewitz Papers

    Correspondence, writings, notes, government documents, pamphlets, reports, memoranda, serial issues, and statutes, relating to diplomatic relations of and domestic conditions in various countries of the Middle East and North Africa, mainly during the period 1945-1960; American and British foreign policy in the Middle East; Palestine and the Zionist movement; and the Suez Canal. Includes statutes of Afghanistan, 1931-1957, in Persian, with translations; Zionist and some anti- Zionist literature from the interwar Period and the period of formation of the Israeli state; reports of the United S...