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Holding Institution: Archiwum Państwowe w Łodzi
  1. Akta miasta Łodzi

    • Files of the city of Łódź

    The Gettoverwaltung documents are correspondence with the Judenrat on all manner of subjects related to the ghetto, and correspondence with German government offices and companies regarding the ghetto’s manufacturing output, employment of Jews in labour camps, looting of their property – on matters of this nature reports were submitted by the Kripo (the German criminal police, which had a police station inside the ghetto). There is also a wealth of valuable material in Wydział Ogólny Zarządu Miejskiego w Łodzi (Allgemeine Verwaltung Stadtverwaltung Litzmannstadt, General Administration of t...

  2. Przełożony Starszeństwa Żydów w Getcie Łódzkim

    • Der Aelteste der Juden in Litzmannstadt-Getto
    • Head of the Jewish Council in the Łódź Ghetto

    The collection documents all aspects of the fate of the Jews in the Łódź ghetto, because the administration of the Judenrat (Jewish Council) was very highly developed (it employed over 10,000 people) and generated vast quantities of documents, which, fortunately, have survived. The inventory to the Rumkowski Archive comprises an extensive preface that offers good insight into the ghetto offices, and a body of archives categorized by department and section. These materials will be described in greater detail in Part II of this Guide. Among them is a large collection of original contact sheet...