Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Štátny archív v Prešove, pracovisko Archív Poprad
  1. Okresný úrad v Poprade

    • Distric Office in Poprad

    Fonds is very well preserved and contains important documents about the persecution of Jews living at the territory of district Poprad. It contains various documents concerning the aryanization of Jewish property, work permissions for Jews, employment of Jewish doctors and other experts etc. Fonds also contains the documents pertaining to the Concentration center for Jews in Poprad, such as reports on the deportations from that center during the 1942 deportation of Jews from Slovakia, report on the activities of Hlinka guard during the deportation etc. Besides that it contains various lists...

  2. Okresný úrad v Kežmarku

    • District Office in Kežmarok

    The fonds contains the documents of the District Office in Kežmarok which was the state administration body at the territory of district Kežmarok. The fonds is very well preserved and contains many documents covering the political, economical and social history of the respective district during the period 1923-1945. Besides documents pertaining the history of Jews before 1938 there are many documents pertaining the persecution of Jews during the period of years 1938-1945. The fonds contains documents pertaining the deportation of Jews from Slovakia in November 1938 as well as documents pert...