Archival Descriptions

Holding Institution: Státní okresní archiv Ústí nad Orlicí close
  1. Landrat (District Councillor) of Lanškroun

    The archival fonds include official sources, among others adjustments of the occupation border, personal and organizational matters, trade, registry and financial matters of the municipalities and the district. Two inventory numbers are related to the Jewish history: Aryanization of the Tutsch and Neffe Jamné (Sobkovice) Jewish company and Handling the property of elements inimical to the German Reich, Czech and Jews – general regulations, correspondence.

  2. Landrat (District Councillor) of Králíky

    The archival fonds includes documents related to the accounting and social work matters, correspondence, filing cabinets and statistics. There is one inventory number concerning Jewish history directly: an overview of homesteads left by Czech and Jewish refugees.