Archival Descriptions

Country: Luxembourg close
  1. Villa Levy - 257, route d'Arlon

    This file contains documents concerning the challenging of the sale of the property to the City of Luxembourg by the company Alfred Levy & Co. in 1940. Documents include the contract of sale, the statement of accounts (balance sheet, results) of Levy & Co. in 1940, documents of the lawyers Thorn and Bonn, The April 7 judgment in favor of the City of Luxembourg

  2. Enseignement

    This collection is part of the Modern Archives (1795-2006) of the City Archives of Luxembourg. It is classified under Central Administration (LU - 1 Administration Centrale), General Secretary (LU - 11 Secrétariat Général). This file contains information on education and more specifically information concerning the admission of children of foreign nationality of whom the parents are domiciled abroad (Jews).

  3. Ministère des Affaires étrangères

    The record of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contain among other subfonds the following three subfonds which contain information on the persecution and the fate of Jews in Luxembourg: government in exile, the Luxembourg embassy in Washington and World War II.