Archival Descriptions

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Country: Greece
Holding Institution: Κέντρο Ιστορίας Θεσσαλονίκης
  1. Συλλογή Σιμόπουλος Τάκης

    • Collection Simopoulos Takis
    • Syllogi Simopoulos Takis

    Personal documents, diary, documents of the Service for the Disposal of Jewish Property.

  2. Συλλογή Στρατόπεδο Παύλου Μελά

    • Collection Military Camp Pavlou Mela
    • Syllogi Stratopedo Pavlou Mela

    Catalogue of the executed prisoners (among them 7 were Jewish).

  3. Συλλογή Μοδιάνο

    • Collection Modiano
    • Syllogi Modiano

    Title deeds, contracts, correspondence with Italian Authorities, certificates of nationality, judicial documents.

  4. Συλλογή Ιωάννης Σταθάκης

    • Collection Ioannis Stathakis
    • Syllogi Ioannis Stathakis

    The collection covers the period from 1916 until 1982 and concerns mainly judicial cases of Christians and Jews of Thessaloniki the lawyer Ioannis Stathakis handled. In the collection one can find documents from a) collaborators'trials, b) cases of Jews that claim their confiscated property and b) the Max Merten Trial.

  5. Δημοτικό Αρχείο - Γενικό Αρχείο

    • Municipal Archive-General Archive
    • Dimotiko Archeio-Geniko Archeio

    Decisions of the municipal council, correspondence with the government, correspondence with the Jewish community, files of Jewish clerks of Thessaloniki Municipality, Jewish associations, the issue of the Jewish cemetery, Jewish properties, certificates for the Holocaust victims and survivors.