Baumann and Moravec families collection

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The collection was donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2017 by Deborah Zuckerbrod, the granddaughter of Emanuel Moravetz (James E. Morris).

Scope and Content

Documents and Photographs; relating to the Baumann and Moravec families (related by marriage); The grandfather of Ms. Zuckerbrod was Emanuel or Eman Moravetz, later James E. Morris, who was married to Anna Baumann, Dr. John Shilling’s (another USHMM donor) maternal aunt. The documents include passports of Emanuel Moravetz; Berta Baumann and Anna Baumann and a copy of the passport of Otokar Baumann as well as claims for reparations; Tallit and Teffilin; which belonged to Emanuel Moravec, later James E. Morris; Teffilin consist of a complete set of leather boxes with straps, one worn on the forehead and one on the forearm and hand, in a velvet bag, with the owner’s initials.


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