Stutthof concentration camp records

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  • 1995.A.1180
  • RG-04.058M
1 Jan 1939 - 31 Dec 1945
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  • German
  • Polish
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165,295 digital images, JPEG

305 microfilm reels, 35 mm


Archival History

Państwowe Muzeum Stutthof w Sztutowie


Officials of the Stutthof concentration camp created the records from 1939 to 1945. Muzeum Stutthof filmed the records for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives in 1995.

Scope and Content

Contains personal files on prisoners of Stutthof concentration camp; personnel files for SS staff at Stutthof; and records relating to the general administration of the camp. Administrative records include files from the camp commanders office, files from the "Political Department" concerning marking of prisoners and prisoner transports, files from the "Camp" relating to daily operations and handling of prisoners, files from the "Economic Administration" relating to financial management of the camp, files from the "Camp Physician" relating to medical services and the crematoria in the camp, files from the "Schooling and Education" department relating to training of SS staff, and files from the "Household shops for the SS" relating to building plans.

System of Arrangement

Organized in the following order: Reels 1-111 contain personal files on Poles and Polish Jews; Reels 112 -115 contain personal files on Russian Jews; Reels 152-208 and 214-216 contain personal files on prisoners of various nationalities; Reels 209-216 and 222-241 contain general administration files; Reels 216-221 contain "books of evidence" for prisoners; Reels 242-251 contain personnel files of SS staff at Stutthof; Reels 252-267 contain personal files on Hungarian Jews; Reels 267-280 contain personal files on German Jews; and Reels 281-305 contain personal files on prisoners of various nationalities. Arrangement: Personal files on Jews of various nationalities are in general alphabetical order; Personal files on prisoners of "various nationalities" are in numerical order by prisoner number; Personnel files of SS staff are numerical by file number; "Books of evidence" are numerical by prisoner number; and general camp administration records are arranged thematically.

Conditions Governing Reproduction

Copyright Holder: Państwowe Muzeum Stutthof w Sztutowie

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