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The archive of the Museum Stutthof gathers and preserves the documents of the former Nazi concentration camp. It came into existence in 1962, according to the Resolution of the Council of the Protection of Fight and Martyrdom's Monuments (Rada Ochrony Pomników Walki i Męczeństwa). From 2006, according to the regulation of the Ministry of Culture, the archive is gathering the documents concerning the Poles in the Nazi concentration camps in Western Europe.

Archival and Other Holdings

The archive possesses 69000 archival units, which makes 125 running meters. There are the following kinds of documents:

  1. The Founds of the Concentration Camp (67286 archival units, 116 running meters): documents of the camp's office. This collection is ordered according to the institutional structure of the camps:
  • The Command Department (Kommendantur): the orders of the the camp's commander (1942-1945), the personal records of the staff, the documents of the guards-companies, the photo-album concerning the visit in Stutthof of Heinrich Himmler in November 1941.
  • Political Department (Politische Abteilung): the personal records of the prisoners, the transport checklists and the death-registers.
  • The Camp's Management (Schutzhatflagerfuhrung): the prisoner's lists according to the assigment to the work groups, the registers of the prisoners according to the location in the blocks, the registers of the disciplinary penalties (1941-1942), accounts of the number of prisoners between January and April 1945.
  • Economical and Administrative Department (Verwaltung): the financial settlements of the prisoners, who were employed in the SS- and private firms (1942-1945), the letters concerning the things which were robed of prisoners (clothes, personal things, hairs), documents concerning to the equipment of SS-soldiers and prisoners (clothes, food, forniture, office-machines).
  • Medical Department (Lagerarzt): the registers of the ill prisoners (1940-1944), the hospital registers, the medical reports on the women who arrived to the camp in 1943, the register concerning the gold gained from the death prisoners' teeth.
  • The Staff-training Department (Schulung): the training guids, regulations and instructions for the camp's staff technical data's book of the camp objects, measurements, and financial reports of various technical works.
  1. Documents of the former prisoners: various documents which were not created by the camp administration (letters: legal and illegal, the camp resistace movement, poems, songs, pictures and prayers created by the prisoners.
  2. Questionnaires of the former prisoners created in 1962-1972. The questions were concerning the personal data, reasons of the inprisonment, life in the camp, the names of other prisoners and the staff-members.
  3. Relations and memories (about 650 relations) in films, audio records and written texts.
  4. Various documents concerning German occupation and the resistance movement in Pomorze Gdańskie. There are ordered according to the following subjects: !) The Free City Gdańsk.
  5. The Resistance Movement. 3)The Nazi Occupation.
  6. The World War II.
  7. Stutthof.
  8. Other Concentration and Extermination Camps.
  9. Other Camps and Prisons.
  10. The Nazi Criminals Trials.
  11. Pomorze Gdańskie - after War. The documents from parts 1-4 and 9 are located in the branch of the archive in Sopot. It gathers also private collections concerning the history of Pomorze Gdańskie during World War II. For further ionformation see A. Skibinska (ed.), chapter 4.

Opening Times

The archive of the State Museum Stutthof is open: Monday-Friday 8.00 - 14.00 (also the Sopot branch)..


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