Oral history interviews of the Leonard and Edith Ehrlich collection

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Dr. Carl S. Ehrlich donated his parents Leonard and Edith Ehrlich's collection of oral history interviews and research files compiled for their book "Choices Under Duress of the Holocaust" to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in December 2012.

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Oral history interviews of the Leonard and Edith Ehrlich collection, created in the late 1970s during the Ehrlichs' research for the book "Choices Under Duress of the Holocaust," about the fate of the Jewish Community of Vienna during the Holocaust era. Contents include interviews related to key figures in the Jewish Community of Vienna during the Nazi era, including Benjamin Murmelstein, rabbi and member of the Jewish Council of Theresienstadt and Josef Löwenherz, leader of the Jewish Community of Vienna under Nazi rule and subsequently the Jewish Council of Theresienstadt. Other interviews include Sofie Löwenherz and Siegmund Levarie, the wife and son of Josef Löwenherz; Willy Stern who worked for Benjamin Murmelstein in Vienna; H.G. Adler, Holocaust survivor and author of "Theresienstadt 1941-1945. Das Antlitz einer Zwangsgemeinschaft;" Rudolf Bunzl, who headed the economic department in Theresienstadt and who was friends with Franz Kafka and his sister; and some still unidentified interviewees. In addition to interviews, the collection includes the lectures given by the Ehrlichs, among them a conference at Yad Vashem in the 1970s on the role of the Council of Elders at which Isaiah Trunk and Raul Hilberg also spoke.


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