Okresný úrad v Trebišove

  • District Office in Trebišov
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1928 - 1945
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  • German
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  • Slovak
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8,39 lm (66 cartons, 61 books), paper

Biographical History

The District Office in Trebišov was the regioanl state administration body. It was established in 1928 on the basis of the Government Regulation no. 93/1928 Coll. This regulation re-defined the borders of some districts at the territory of Czechoslovakia (1918-1939) as well as the seats of several District Offices. Thus, on the basis of the above-mentioned regulation the District Office in Sečovce was transferred to Trebišov. By the end of 1939, the District Office in Trebišov was subordinated to the Country Office in Bratislava (Krajinský úrad v Bratislave). Soon after the creation of the Slovak state (March 14, 1939) its state administration was reorganized and the District Office in Trebišov was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (pursuant to the Law No. 190/1939 effective from 1 January 1940). In matters falling within the competence of other ministries, regulations and instructions of these ministries were implemented. Since 1 January 1940, the Trebišov district was incorporated into the the newly established Šariš-Zemplín County (Šarišsko-zemplínska župa) and was subordinated to the County Office of the Šariš-Zemplín County (Župný úrad Šarišsko-zemplínskej župy), located in Prešov. The District Chief Officer (Okresný náčelník) was the head of District Office in Trebišov with the responsibility for the state administration in the district as well as the work of the District Office. The District Chief Officer was subordinated to the respected County Office and the Ministry of Interior. District Offices were superior to the local notary offices and regional notary offices which were the lowest level bodies of the state administration in Slovakia 1938-1945.

Archival History

Archival fonds of the District Office in Trebišov is partially processed. The archival history of this fond is unknown, but based on the on-site research it was established the fonds is just a torso of original documents of the District Office in Trebišov.


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Scope and Content

The District Office in Trebišov was the state administration body. The fonds contains just a small part of the original documents of the District Office in Trebišov. Documents of District Offices in Slovakia are usually divided into presidial, administrative, military-related, technical and accounting files. The fonds is partially processed and the researcher has access to presidial documents of the District Office covering the basic political, social and economic events in the district Trebišov during the period of existence of the office. This part of preserved documents is cataloged in detail. In addition to presidial files, a small part of the administrative files and the accounting files were preserved. These are (as explained by the archivists) unsorted. A large number of documents concerns the persecution of Jews in Slovakia in 1939-1945. These are documents related to property ownership (such as documents on the appointment of Government trustees to companies, the exclusion of Jews from the business organizations and unions, the transfer of forest assets, various reports and lists of Jewish owners of forests etc.) Fonds contains documents on various forms of persecution of Jews (e.g. Expulsion of individuals from the Trebišov district, Reports on activity of various persons, Lists of baptized Jews, Documents pertaining to activities and persecution of Jewish doctors and pharmacists etc.). Fonds aslo contains documents concerning the deportation of Jews from the Trebišov district in 1942 and various events and measures in the district during deportation. There are also files concerning the investigation of applications for so-called Presidential exemption, documents on the exclusion of individuals from deportations. Some files concern imprisonment of specific persons and their transfer to the Concentration centers for Jews in Slovakia; measures pertaining to the Jews who were not deported. Fonds also contains documents on anti-Jewish measures in Trebišov district during the period 1943-1944.


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FIles are arranged chronologically and numerically.

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  • Catalogue of presidium files in manuscript. Researchers´ Room of the archive.

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Fonds was identified and described by Ján Hlavinka.

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