Counter-espionage of civilian population. Legionnaires, communists, espionage, terrorism, sabotage.

Dosar/File 6262/41-42
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1941 - 1942
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  • Romanian
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981 A4 pages

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Lists of suspicious and presumed dangerous persons from various districts of Moldova. Reports of minor events and incidents in the region. A number of 20 Jews are taken, hostage in Botosani and kept in a synagogue. Similar actions are reported from other cities. Detailed report from the Regional Inspectorate of Police in Iassy from July 27, 1941, describing the mood of the population and its attitude toward the Jewish minority in various localities. A biased report on the massacre of the Jews in Iassy, says that the German troops from the German Organization Todt did kill the Jews in the backyard of the police station. Summary description of the two trainloads of Jews who were -they say- transported to be kept in internment; due to the sanitary conditions, the lack of medical care for their injuries 1200 of them died. Two days later, Romanian and German soldiers shot to death fifty more Jews in various places in town and plundered Jewish houses. (This is all they had to say about that horrible pogrom). Confidential reports from Cernauti and from other regions of the Bucovina. Report about complaints of misbehavior of Italian soldiers in various localities in the region. NB. Very little and incomplete mention of the deportation of the Jews from the Bucovina. The Jews simply disappeared from these reports. There is a faint mention of a ghetto in Cernauti. Complaints of inhuman treatment of injured soldiers in a military hospital in Suceava. Mentions of break-ins in houses of deported Jews. Proposal by the German embassy to settle 15 thousand Germans in Cernauti and the liberated territories to replace the Jews and revive the economy. Information regarding the administration of properties left by the deported Jews in Suceava. Information regarding the Jewish women living with Romanian officers in Moghilev and surroundings. Romanian military personnel transport money and letters and execute various services for the deported Jews for which they are well paid. NB. Numerous pages from various reports were taken out by the Security Services

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By Adina Babeş following USHMM description.

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