Documentation from archives in Estonia, 1941-1946

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  • Estonian
  • German
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Yiddish

Extent and Medium

1729 files on microfilm reels and 12 xerox copies files


Scope and Content

A. Documentation from the Estonian State Central Archives (ERA) in Tallinn, Estonia Examples:

  • Collection of the autonomous leadership regarding Jewish culture in Estonia;
  • Collection of the Valga Juudi Spordiselts Makkabi (Maccabi Sports Association) in Valga;
  • Collection of the Tartu Akadeemiline Juudi Ajaloo ja Kirjanduse Selts ülikooli juures (Association for Jewish Culture and History) in Tartu;
  • Collection of the Tartu-Juudi üliõpilaste Kassa (Jewish Students'Fund) in Tartu, 1887-1928;
  • Collection of the Tartu Juudi Usuühing (Religious Jewish Community of Tartu), 1861-1940;
  • Collection of the Krediitiühistud koondfond (Credit Companies).

B. Documentation from the Estonian Historical Archives (EAA)

  • Collection from the Tartu Juudi erareaalkool (Jewish Real [Technical] private School) in Tartu, 1902-1941;
  • Zelmanovich family private collection, 1920-1939.

C. Documentation from the Tallinn Municipal Archives (TLA)

  • College of the Tallinna Juudi Heategev Selts Zdoko-Gdoilo (Jewish Charitable Society) in Tallinn, 1927-1940;
  • Collection of the Tallinna Juudi Bridziklubi (Jewish Bridge Players'Club), 1936-1940;
  • Collection of the Jewish Community of Tallinn, 1859-1930;
  • Collection of the Maks Nordani nimeline Tallinna Juudi Noorsooühing (Max Nordau Jewish Youth Association), 1921-1922

D. Documentation from the Manuscript Department of the Tartu University Library

  • Private collection of Lazar Gulkovich, a Professor of Judaica at Tartu University, 1898-1941.
  • The collection also contains documentation regarding the nationalization of Jewish owned property including estimates of the value of the property, sketches of plots of land, personal files of stop owners and reports regarding the nationalization of stops, 1940-1941, index cards of Jewish inmates, 1943-1944, files of inmates who attempted to escape from the Klooga camp; files of inmates from prisons in Tallinn, 1940-1941, lists of Jews deported from Estonia, 1940-1941, personal files of employees of the Ministry of the Interior in Estonia, 1945-1948, personal files of the Jewish employees of the health system in Estonia, investigation files and claims against Jews, 1941, reports from meetings of Jewish organizations such as the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO). In the collection there is also documentation of Jewish academic organizations in Estonia, including correspondence, lists of members and lesson plans, directives and orders from the Estonian Industry Office, correspondence with private companies and banks. Additionally, there are detention orders and verdicts from 1941-1942, lists of Nazi criminals, orders from the Reichskommissar (Regional Governor) regarding the occupied areas in the East on matters related to persecution of the Jews and reports concerning the fighting against the partisans, the Jews and the Communists, 1942.

E. Announcements:

  • Announcement published in Estonia after the liberation of the Klooga camp, December 1944;
  • Announcement in honor of the Red Army, published in Estonia, February 1945. In the collection there is also documentation regarding the Jews of Lithuania who were deported to camps in Estonia; lists of Jewish inmates in the Klooga camp, letters from Jewish inmates; work certificates, marriage certificates, Ketubahs (Jewish marriage certificates), vocational certificates, passports, matriculation certificates, photographs depicting Jewish life before the war and medical illness certificates from various camps. In the documentation there are also reports and protocols of the Special Committee for Investigation of Nazi War Crimes in Estonia regarding the annihilation of Jews and activities in the camps in Estonia, lists of labor camps, concentration camps and POW camps in the various areas of Estonia, lists of inmates, report-surveys, exhumation reports from mass murder sites and statistical reports regarding the number of inmates in the camps in Estonia.

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JL according to the RG description in the YV system

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