A közigazgatás területi szervei

  • The Territorial Bodies of Administration
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The collection on the Territorial Bodies of the Administration at the Budapest Municipal Archive contains much that is of relevance for the study of anti-Semitic radicalization and the Holocaust in Hungary. First of all, there is the documentation of the Hungarian police organs of the capital city who were among the Hungarian authorities actively involved in the persecution of Jews. The collection includes vast records of the Chief Captancy of the Hungarian Royal Police of Budapest (Magyar Királyi Államrendőrség Budapesti Főkapitánysága), its Central Organization (Budapesti Rendőr-főkapitányság Központi Szervezete) as well as the Chief Captancy of the Police Headquarters of the capital city (Államrendőrség Budapesti Rendőrőrsége Főparancsnoksága). There is a more fragmentary documentation of district police headquarters of the Hungarian Royal Police (Magyar Királyi Államrendőrség Kerületi Kapitányságai) as well as of the District Captaincies subordinated to the Budapest Chief Captaincy (Budapesti Rendőr-főkapitányság kerületi Rendőrkapitányságai) – some of the latter documentation unfortunately only concern the postwar period though. The collection contains also miscellaneous further documents. There are extensive documentation of the tax assessor’s office (VI./103.), of land surveys, land taxes and cadasters (VI./101.) and, last but not least, there are ample records also from the Directorate of the Post (VI./451.) and the School Inspectorate (VI./504.).

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