Ministerstvo financí I, Praha

  • NAD 517
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  • Ministry of Finance
  • Finanzministerium
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1918 - 1945
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  • Czech
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The collection consists out of 344 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 56,1 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

Biographical History

The Czechoslovak Ministry of Finance was founded shortly after the independence of the new state from Austria-Hungary in autumn 1918. It was responsible for the financial policy of the country. In the years of German occupation the Ministry of Finance was part of the local Czech government in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. As minister stayed in power since 1936 Josef Kalfus.

Archival History

The documents from the Ministry of Finance were handed over to the State Central archives (Státní ústřední archiv) today National archives (Národní archiv) untill 1968. In fonds was processed and inventoried in 1967 and 1968.

Scope and Content

After the Munich Agreement in September 1938 and the establishment of the so called 2nd Czechoslovak Republic the new government in January 1939 took out a loan in Great Britain, part of which was set off as a support for the emigration of Czech and Moravian Jews to Palestine. On the base of a treaty between the Ministry of Finance and the Jewish Agency for Palestine the Czechoslovak Government supported Jewish emigration out of the country. Between October 1938 and July 1939 about 12 000 Jews left the country, mostly to Palestine.

In the time of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia the Ministry of Finance adopted a series of regulations discriminating the Jewish population and excluding them out from the public and economic life. The Ministry of Finance was responsible for the de facto expropriation of the Jews in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The persecution of the Jews, which among other things reflected in the economic sphere (significant restrictions on the disposal of their own property, especially real estate, tying deposits with the possibility of only a limited selection, gradual Aryanization of Jewish businesses, prohibition to exercise the functions of public administration). Payments in favor of the Jews could be implemented only with the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

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Židovské zlato, ostatní drahé kovy, drahé kameny a předměty z nich v českých zemích, 1939-1945 : protiprávní zásahy do majetkových práv, jejich rozsah a následné osudy tohoto majetku : zpráva expertního týmu zřízeného Smíšenou pracovní komisí na základě usnesení vlády České republiky č. 773 ze dne 25. 11. 1998 / Drahomír Jančík - Praha 2001.

Právní postavení Židů v Protektorátu Čechy a Morava, 1939-1941 / Helena Petrův. - Praha, 2000.

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