1. Oral history interviews of the Holocaust Eyewitness Project collection

    Oral history interviews produced by the Holocaust Eyewitness Project.

  2. "An Eyewitness to the Holocaust"

    Consists of one DVD containing a short documentary entitled "An Eyewitness to the Holocaust" created by Sean Van Domelen. The documentary, which includes historical imagery and footage, describes the experiences of John Regnier, a member of the 182nd Medical battalion. Using footage from a 2012 interview with Mr. Regnier, the documentary includes his testimony related to the liberation of the Ohrdruf concentration camp.

  3. Auschwitz-Birkenau: eyewitness account

    Report on conditions in Auschwitz- Birkenau including plans and statistics on inmates, 1944.

  4. Eyewitness accounts (of the Holocaust)

    Various eyewitness accounts of the Nazi era and the Holocaust include persecution of a Jewish woman in Berlin during the war; account of the fate of the lawyer, Hans Litten; account of the activities of war criminals in Auschwitz and situation for the Jews in Poland.

  5. Shoah: an eyewitness testimony

    Consists of the testimony, 9 pages, of John E. Pfeiffer, presented at a Yom Hashoah remembrance ceremony on May 2, 1997. Mr. Pfeiffer was a part of a reconnaissance squad that discovered Dachau on April 29, 1945. He describes his memories of the conditions there and how his experiences affected him in later life.

  6. Gurs concentration camp: Eyewitness report

    Copy of an eyewitness report by Hedwig Forester of his arrest by the Nazis in Brussels, May 1940, transportation in cattle wagons, and arrival in Gurs concentration camp, France, 2 weeks later.

  7. Alice Bloemendahl: Theresienstadt eyewitness account

    This collection contains an eyewitness testimony relating to Terezin concentration camp by Alice Bloemendahl. This is the only surviving letter that she sent to friends in Hamburg whilst she was at Terezin. Bloemendahl describes the cultural, artistic and intellectual activities as well as improvements to the camp implemented by the Jewish inmates.

  8. Goldschmidt, Fritz: Diaries and eyewitness testimony (microfilm)

    Fritz Goldschmidt's diaries and eyewitness testimony collection comprises diaries, 1933-1939 (617/1) and a typescript personal account entitled 'Mein Leben in Deutschland vor und nach dem 30 Januar 1933', undated (617/2).

  9. Eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust period collection (RG-104)

    Contains the Holocaust survivors testimonials and eyewitness accounts relating to ghettos, labor and internment camps, Jews on the Aryan side and in hiding, Jewish partisans and underground fighters from many places in Europe under Nazi occupation between 1939 and 1945. The collection contains testimonies of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research collection, RG-104, series I and III. Series I includes ca. 1900 separate testimonies from the Displaced Person camps in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and other countries collected by the Jewish Historical Commission in Poland after the war, the ...

  10. Eyewitness Accounts of the Holocaust. Collection, 1939-1945.

    This collection consists of over 1900 testimonies written by Holocaust survivors, documenting their experiences in occupied Europe in the years 1939-1945. The testimonies are often very extensive, numbering in the dozens of pages. There are three series, corresponding with efforts to collect testimonies undertaken in the immediate postwar years (Series I), in 1954 (Series II) and since the 1960s (Series III). Testimonies with reference to Belgium are especially found in Series I. These testimonies were collected in displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria, Italy and also in Poland and ot...

  11. Oral History.

    This collection contains thousands of interviews with survivors, rescuers and other witnesses of the Shoah and the Second World War. The interviews were not only conducted by the USHMM, but also by a multitude of other research institutions (most importantly, the USC Shoah Foundation) and private research initiatives. Almost 3800 interviews are streamable online. A simple search on geographical keywords such as Belgium, Brussels, Antwerp, … already yields more than 1170 interviews of persons who lived in Belgium before, during or after the war, or who passed through the country at some point.

  12. Oral history

  13. Oral history

  14. Oral history

  15. Oral history

  16. Oral history

    Amateur footage of Julian Noga and his daughter at the Flossenburg memorial camp

  17. Irma Petrasek: copy eyewitness account of various Nazi concentration camps

    This collection contains the witness account of Holocaust survivor Irma Petrasek describing her long journey through the labour and concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Irma Petrasek was deported to Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp, labour and concentration camps in Estonia, Strutthof labour camp in Poland, a labour camp in Hamburg and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She describes the conditions during transport and in the camps, the fate of some of her fellow prisoners and the hardship she had to endure.

  18. Oral history interview with Ed von Thyn

    Video interviews and B-roll footage gathered for the film Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWII.

  19. Oral history interview with Johtje Vos

    Video interviews and B-roll footage gathered for the film Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWII.