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  1. Perks, Lisbeth

    Correspondence of Lisbeth Perks, music teacher and Jewish refugee to Great Britain, 1938-1943, including from internees in Theresienstadt concentration camp.

  2. Marx family documents (1939-1941)

    The collection consists of paperwork generated by the British and American immigration authorities and documentation brought from Germany by the Marx family members, 1939-1941.

  3. Oral history interview with Marianne Oelsner

  4. Alisa Tennenbaum papers

    1. Alisa Tennenbaum collection

    Collection consists of photographs of Alisa Tennenbaum and friends in England at various homes where she lived after being sent on a Kindertransport from Vienna, Austria on August 22, 1939. Included are photos of Alisa's father who was in the Pioneer Corps in Britain and her mother who survived Ravensbrück and was sent to Sweden for rehabilitation. The papers also include a school report card issued to Alisa under her previous name, Liselotte Scherzer, in 1935/1936 in Vienna, Austria, and a baby photograph and duplicate ID photograph used on Alisa’s Kindertransport document.

  5. Transcript of oral history interview with Charlotte Gellar Brown

  6. Foreign Office and Predecessors: Control Commission for Germany (British Element), T Force and Field Information Agency Technical. Selected records.

    Contains FIAT files of captured enemy documents relating to Montan Anlage Auschwitz and Montan-Auschwitz Vertragsfragen. Also contains files relating to Jewish affairs and the treatment of Jewish DPs (Operation "Oasis") and various private office papers and administration and local government branch files.