Національний історико-меморіальний заповідник "Бабин Яр"

  • National Historical Memorial Reserve “Baby Yar”
  • Natsionalniy Historiko-Memorialniy Zapovidnik Babi Yar


Institution was established in 1989.

Geographical and Cultural Context

National Historical Memorial Reserve “Baby Yar” collects informations and historical artefacts connected in general to the Ukrainian Victms of the Holocaust and to the victims of "Baby Yar" executions of the Jews in particular.

National Historical Memorial Reserve “Baby Yar” organizes lessons, exhibitions and lectures on Holocaust in Ukraine directed at various Ukrainian and International audience.

Archival and Other Holdings

National Historical Memorial Preserve «Babyn Yar» holds various photographic materials as well as the testimonies on the Holocaust in Ukraine.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Parts of the Holocaust testomonies are acessible in Russian online: