Державний архів Сумської області

  • State Archive of Sumy Oblast
  • Derzhavnyi arkhiv Sumskoi oblasti


vul. Sadova 49 (korp. 1); vul. Hor'koho 21/1 (korp. 2)
Sumy oblast


38 (0542) 22-37-79


38 (0542) 22-07-90


The history of the State archives of Sumy region begins from November, 1925, when Sumy district archives administration was created. The staff consisted of four persons: manager, inspector and two archivists. They found old archives, ordered documents, utilized files, formed a newspapers collection.

Sumy local archives administration (from October, 1930). In 1931 the staff consisted of manager of administration, manager of party section, inspector-instructor, two archivists and charwoman.

Sumy state historical archives (from March, 1932). Sumy Oblast historical archives (from May, 1939). State archives of Sumy Oblast (from April, 1941). In April, 1941, state historical archives in Gluchiv, Konotop, Romny were transformed into branches of Sumy archive. Sumy Oblast state archives (from 1958). In December, 1969, the archives got a new building. Its area was 2465 square metres. This building could contain about 1,2 million files. In connection with, this during 1971-1972 the branches in Romny and Konotop were liquidated and all documents about history of the region were concentrated in the new building. State archives of Sumy Oblast (from 1980).


Archive has two buildings, first at 49 Sadova Street, second at 21 Hor'koho street.

Archival and Other Holdings

All documents from Sumy region’s history are kept at the State archives of Sumy oblast. These are documents of institutions, organizations and factories, personal documents, films, photographs, records and videodocuments from XVIII century to present days.

Many interesting documents tell us about the pre-revolutionary time.

The documents of the Ukrainian National Republic are the Central Rada’s decrees, leaflets, resolutions, circulars and others.

The unique fund of the singer Hataeva E.I. and the writer Gusev-Orenburgskiy tells us about Russian diaspora’s life in China, America, France and Italy. This fund has Sasha Chorniy’s and Marina Tsvetaeva’s autographs, M.Leskov’s, I.Karishev’s and D.Burlyuk’s pictures and water-colours. Collections of the Soviet period are the main part of archives documents. These documents introduce us with Soviet government, dispossession of kulaks, collectivization of agriculture, famine of 1932-1933, repression of 20th-40th years and others.

The documents of the period of Sumy region occupation tell us about “the new order”, removal of young people to Germany, executions and punishments.

The archives have modern equipment. From 1996 the archives began to collect video recordings about history of Sumy region. There are records about development of industry and agriculture, about visits of Ukrainian President L.D.Kuchma (1996) and other statesmen, about the Great Patriotic war and the partisan movement in Sumy region, about eminent people, about presidential elections and the “orange” revolution (2004) and others.

Total Volume of Collections

8378 collections, 1297002 collection items (1710-2011) 520 collection items of scientific and technical documentation (1965-1985) 939 collection items of film documents (1974-1993) 26544 collection items of photo documents (1902-2009) 2025 collection items of sound recordings (1960-2010) 758 collection items of video documents (1983-2010)

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Державний архів Сумської області: Путівник / Держкомархів України. Держархів Сумської області; Л. Покидченко, Суми, 2002 [State Archive of the Sum Oblast, ed. L. Pokidchenko, Sum 2002]

This guidebook is acessible online:


Opening Times

Archive reading rooms are opened Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm.


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