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38 (0342) 549077


Before 1939 there were nо state archives in the Stanislaviv region. After the annexation of Western Ukraine by the USSR an archive department was created within the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the oblast of Stanislaviv, and in December 1939 the Stanislaviv Oblast State Historical Archives began operating. From 1941, it was known as the State Archives of the Oblast of Stanislaviv, from 1941 to 1980 – Stanislaviv (after 1962 – Ivano-Frankivsk) Oblast State Archives, and since 1980, it is known as the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. The archive was responsible to the archive branch of the regional administration of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the NKVD (after 1946 – the Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Stanislaviv oblast, after 1960 to the archive department of the Executive Committee of the Stanislaviv (after 1962 – Ivano-Frankivsk) Oblast People's Deputies Council, аfter1988 to the Executive Committee of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast People's Deputies Council, and since 1995 – to the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast State Administration. The State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast manages 19 local archives (since 1992 – the archival branches of the district state administration and city councils). According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine from August 27, 1991, the Archive of the Ivano Frankivsk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine was liquidated and its holdings constituted a section of the State Archive.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Nowadays, The State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast works on the ground of the Law about the National Archival Holdings and Archival Institutions, News of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy), No 15/1994 with later changes and normative act (polozhenniya) about the State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, confirmed 15.12.2011 by the local state administration.


The State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast was located since 1947 till 1998 in the building of former Jesuit church at 3 Grunvaldska street. In 1998 the holdings were transferred to the former industrial building at 42a Sahaidachny street. There is comfortable workroom in the buildings.

Archival and Other Holdings

The archive possesses 3579 collections making 742 466 archival units, dating from the years 1752-2011. It has also 34 915 photographs and 83 units of sound recordings. The archives preserve documents about the history of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (ZUNR, 1918–1919) and about western Ukrainian territories in the Kingdom of Poland (1752–1772), in the Austrian Empire (1772-1918), in Poland (1919-1939), from periods of its occupation by Russia in the I World War and by Germany in the II World War, also as part of the Stanislaviv (Ivano-Frankivsk) Oblast after the annexation of Western Ukraine by the USSR (1939–1991), as well as а part of independent Ukraine (1991-2006). Documents on the history of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (ZUNR) are situated in separate funds for that period – those of the Chief Command of the Ukrainian Army of Galicia, in the collection of documents on the history of the education, and also in other collections and in the library of the archives. As well, archive contains the collection of the Administration of the Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) Army. Sources in the so-called social block, including the collections of courts, prosecution, police, 25 collections of Ukrainian, 44 Polish and 1 Jewish social organizations shed light upon the social and political state of the region. Among the documents of this block there is an extensive number of sources about the history of the Ukrainian national liberation movement. Pre-1939 governing bodies and authorities are represented by the collections of the Stanislaviv Voivodship administration (1921–1939), county administration operating in the Austrian and Polish periods (1893 – 1939) and governing bodies of the temporary Russian occupation during World War I The police collections include the block of police organizations of the World War I and Polish periods, among them the Stanislaviv Voivodship police administration, 13 county police administrations, Stanislaviv city police station and police offices. Judiciary matters are represented in the collections of the various courts and prosecutors’ offices as well as defending attorneys and public notaries. The collections of local government bodies include documents of the county administrations, various town and village communities. Information on the state of industry, agriculture, trade, banking, agrarian relations, processes of land division agreements, decisions on land ownership, on strike movements, unemployment, and population migration is to be found in the documents of 67 institutions representing almost every aspect of economy. Sources on the history of education are contained in the collections of educational administrations – the Stanislaviv and Kolomyia school inspectorates (1908–1939), county school councils and various schools. The collections of religious institutions are among the most ancient sources in the archive. Among them there is a collection of Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Jewish vital records, as well as the separate collections from the Stanislaviv, Kolomyia, Zabolotiv, Kniahynyn, Otynia, and Tlumach Jewish religious communities. A group of collections from the period of Nazi occupation of Stanislaviv region (1941–1944) sheds light on the enterprises, establishments and organizations that operated during that period, and includes collections of documents issued during the World War II, and those of the review processes of citizens that returned from compulsory work in Germany, and criminal proceedings of rehabilitated persons. The collections of the Soviet period include the documents of local authorities, justice, court and prosecution institutions, election commissions, local councils of people's deputies; also, of organizations, economic enterprises, cultural and educational establishments, health care institutions and hospitals, social security establishments and social organizations. The most important among them are the collections of executive committees of the oblast, district, town, village and hamlet Councils of people's deputies. Information about the religious situation in the region is found in documents of the representatives of the Council of religious cult affairs and the Council of the Orthodox Church affairs to the Council of Ministers of the USSR in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. Collections of community organizations (1939–1991) were transferred o the archive in 1991 from the archives of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Most of these are documents of oblast, district and town committees of the Communist Party of Ukraine, and communist youth organizations (Komsomol).

Opening Times

The State Archive’s holdings are available in the workroom open Monday - Thursday 8.00 – 17.00, Friday 8.00 – 16.00


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