Державний архів Чернівецької області

  • State Archive of Chernivtsi Oblast
  • Derzhavnyi arkhiv Chernivetskoi oblasti


vul. Nebesnoi Sotni 20a (korp. 1); prov. Tekstylnykiv 2 (korp. 2)
Chernivtsi oblast


38 (0372) 57-37-46 (korp. 1) 54-50-01 (korp. 2)


38 (0372) 57-86-54


Chernivtsi Oblast State Archives are direct heir of the Land Archives of Bukovyna, which began its activity on November 1st, 1907. When World War I broke out, the activity of the Land archives was terminated and at the beginning of November 1918 the archives were abolished as well as the other state establishments of Austrian-Hungarian empire. After Bukovyna had joined Rumania a commission was created, which being reorganized, operated till 1940. On November 1st, 1940 Chernivtsi regional historical archives began its activity, the work of which was broken off by World War II. State archives of Chernivtsi oblast renewed its activity on April 6th 1944. Later its name was changed: Chernivtsi State Oblast Archives (1958-1980), State Archives of Chernivtsi Oblast (since 1980). According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine from August 27, 1991, the Archive of the Chernivtsi Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine was dissolved and its holdings became a section of the State Archive.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Nowadays, The State Archive of Chernivtsi Oblast works on the ground of the Law about the National Archival Holdings and Archival Institutions, News of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy), No 15/1994 with later changes and normative act (polozhenniya) about the State Archive of Chernivtsi Oblast, confirmed 2013 by the local state administration.


The State Archive of Chernivtsi Oblast is located in two buildings: building no 1 at 20 Nebesnoy Sotni Street and building no 2 (former Communist party archive) at 1 Tekstylnykiv Street. There are workrooms in both buildings.

Archival and Other Holdings

The archive possesses 4123 collections making 1 535 216 archival units, dating from the years 1775-2008. It has also 1072 units of film documents, 66046 photographs and 613 units of sound recordings. The archives contain the documents of establishments, organizations and enterprises, which existed on the territory of the Northern Bukovyna and the former Khotyn district of Besarabia region of Russia from 1775 till the period of its reunion with the USSR, and those of Chernivtsi oblast of Ukraine (1940-1941, 1944-2007). The oldest documents of the archives date back to XV-XVIII century, when Bukovyna was a part of Moldavian principality. Among the oldest documents of the archives there are: the patent copy of Moldavian landlord (1418), concerning the property acknowledgement and boundary determination of the estates Oprysheny and Pryvoloky (German translation from Old Moldavian); a parchment purchase deed privilege of Moldavian prince Petro to Ion Lupu on the village of Cherkanul (1546) written in Cyrillic alphabet. Austrian period collections of establishments, such as Military Administration of Bukovyna (1775- 1786), Galicia government comprising Bukovyna (1775- 1861), Bukovinean regional administration (1786- 1853) elucidate public relations in the region, the order of governing Bukovyna (1778- 1820), municipal and rural communities. A lot of papers are those of the collections of Bukovinean regional administration, executive committee of Bukovinean parliament, Chernivtsi town magistrate, regional court and district administrations, educational, health protection institutions, students communities. Rumanian period funds are rich in papers of Minister delegate of presidium bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs secretariate, State Minister for Bukovyna, second ministerial directorate of Bukovyna, district prefectures, materials on romanization of the region. The documents of the judicial and investigating agencies of the secretariat of the Department of Justice (1918-1940), administrative courts of Bukovyna, land tribunals, Chernivtsi police inspectorate, village courts spotlight the Khotyn rebellion (1919), social democratic, communist, Ukrainian national movement, and also antifascist struggle of the population during World War II. The archives include the records about the Romanian-German occupation (1941-1944). Documents of Soviet period are represented in the collections of the soviets, executive committees and their administrations and departments, court units and prosecutor's offices, economic establishments, oblast, district and city committees of the Communist Party of Ukraine, trade unions. A separate group of collections concerns regional commission investigating the German fascists' crimes in the territory of Chernivtsi oblast, units of Rumanian police and gendarmerie, testimonies of the former ghetto and concentration camps prisoners. To this group belong over 10 000 filtering cases, received from National Security Administration of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast, of citizens, who were sent by force to work in Germany and Romania or were confined in German concentration camps.

Opening Times

The State Archive’s holdings are available in the workrooms open Monday - Thursday 9.00 – 18.00, Friday 9.00-16.00.


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