Štátny archív v Prešove, pracovisko Archív Humenné

  • State Archive in Prešov, workplace Archive Humenné
  • Štátny archív v Prešove - Pobočka Humenné (until 2015)
  • State Archive in Prešov: the Humenne Branch (until 2015)


In late 2015, the archival system of the Slovak state archives has been reorganised. In this process, the State archive in Prešov: Humenné Branch (Štátny archív v Prešove, pobočka Humenné) has been renamed and operates now under the name "State archive in Prešov, workplace Archive Humenné" (Štátny archív v Prešove, pracovisko Archív Humenné).


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