Štátny archív v Žiline

  • Štátny archív v Žiline so sídlom v Bytči
  • State archive in Žilina
  • State archive in Žilina with the seat in Bytča
  • Štátny archív v Bytči (until 2015)
  • State archive in Bytča (until 2015)


S.Sakalovej 106/3
014 35


+421 41 553 33 11


+421 41 553 36 22


The State Archive in Žilina is a part of the network of state archives with regional territorial competence, the founder of which is the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. It is a professional workplace through which the Ministry carries out state administration in the field of archives and registries in the territory of several districts. In late 2015, the archival system of the Slovak state archives has been reorganized. In this process, the State archive in Bytča (Štátny archív v Bytči) has been renamed and operates now under the name "Štátny archív v Žiline" (State archive in Žilina). However, the archive is situated in Bytča. The former State archive in Bytča - the Žilina Branch was merged with the State archive in Žilina.


The archive is situated in Bytča in the building of historical castle.


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