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Krajná 27
Bratislavský kraj
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00 421 2 482 077 20


The Military History Archive is the part of the Institute of Military History (Vojenský historický ústav). As such it was established by the Minister of Defence of Slovak Republic on May 1, 1994. It was open to public in May 1995. The Military History Archive was originally situated in Trnava. Since 2005 it is situated in Bratislava, in premises of the Institute of Military History.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

The Military History Archive holds written archival documents and other forms of files of a permanent documentation value made by the activity of central military authorities; headquarters and military units, institutions or organizations that were or have been in Slovakia; that means belonging to the Austria-Hungarian Army up to 1918, the Czechoslovak Army in 1918 - 1939, the Slovak Army in 1939 – 1945, the Czechoslovak Army in 1945 – 1992 as well as the Army (The Armed Forces) SR since 1993; archival files and documents made as a result of the activity of the authorities and the personalities of the 1st and 2nd Czechoslovak resistance movement (1914 – 1918, 1939 – 1945); It also holds other written documents, archival and special collections connected with the history of Slovakia and some identification documents of the soldiers and lieutenants born in 1911 – 1920; Besides that Military History Archive holds military directives, pictures, military historical and military professional works, microfilms, maps and other press releases.

Opening Times

Tuesday – Thursday from 7,30 AM – 3,30 PM Friday from 7,30 AM – 11,00 AM

Conditions of Access

Researchers are required to apply for the archival materials at least 2 days before their visit via fax or e-mail, using special application form (the form can be downloaded at the following address: http://www.vhu.sk/data/files/126.doc).